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Travel Essentials | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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November 1, 2017

As the winter months approach, a lot of us are scheduling vacations to somewhere warmer. When traveling, it is everyone’s makeup goal to get more out of less. You need all the space in your luggage for the 32 outfits you plan on packing-there is no space to spare! I mean, it’s bad enough you have to pay for luggage, imagine adding your makeup kit to that?

Here are a few tips, tricks and product suggestions to keep your travel makeup bag small enough to fit in your purse (or tote bag).

Carry-On Friendly:

Liquids and carry-ons don’t mix. This means no water bottles, and no cleansers, and certainly no liquid makeup remover. A great tip is to purchase all of these items in wipes. Neutrogena makes a makeup remover wipe that comes highly recommended by our artists. They even make one for sensitive skin!

Lots of daily items, other than makeup remover, come in wipe form. Face wash, nail polish remover, even deodorant! And wipes are carry-on friendly! Wipe on!

In addition to turning your morning routine into a few wipes of your hand, you don’t want to forget to  pack a great cleanser. One that comes highly recommended (and carry-on friendly) is the Milk Matcha cleanser. This cleanser is a solid, sulfate-free, soap-free cleanser stick that purifies, exfoliates, and targets redness. Winner, winner, matcha dinner.

ct wedding hair and makeup travel essentials

Twice as nice:

If you are anything like me, your luggage is full outfits (way too many), shoes (way too many), straighteners, curlers, crimpers, blankets, and everything but the kitchen sink. This doesn’t leave me with much space in my bag.

This is where powerhouse products come in handy. You can never go wrong with a CC cream. One of our favorites is the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream + SPF. This gem is a full coverage color correcting cream with an Anti-Aging serum, and a broad spectrum SPF 50 all in one. This minimizing your morning routine by a few steps and is only one item to find space for in your bag.

ct wedding hair and makeup travel essentials

Another great space saving, double trouble option is a lip color that doubles as blush. Benefit Cosmetics make their GoGoTint in two shades. This is one product that does two jobs, minimizing steps and products in your routine! It’s also a great item to keep in your purse whenever and wherever!


Dry Shampoo:

We write about dry shampoo a lot, but it is a staple in all of our routines. So, duh. Of course it shows up in this blog as well. It is a no brainer. You’re on vacation, relaxing on a beach somewhere or gallivanting in a foreign city, wringing out every last minute of your days before you have to return to your every day life. Dry shampoo is perfect for those days you don’t feel like taking a shower or for those long days that turn into long nights and all you need is a hair refresh. What do we love? Batiste! This stuff not only refreshes your tresses, but it adds body and texture. With all different kinds to choose from, there should be no problem finding one you love.


Bonus: Samples:

Are you a member of Birch Box, Ipsy, Play by Sephora, or another subscription services? These samples are PERFECT travel size name brand makeup! Mascaras, eye shadows, lip liners, eye liners, etc. With the sample size, you can pack a lot of them in a little space. Perfect! If you aren’t currently a subscriber, try Ipsy by following the link HERE!

ct wedding hair and makeup travel essentials

Do you have any travel essentials? Let us know! We are always looking for great things to try!

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