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Cold Weather Hair Tips | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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November 8, 2017

After a very mild October, it finally feels like fall out there. Temperatures seem to have gone from low 70’s to low 40’s overnight. Finally, the weather matches our moods and we can bring out the Uggs and leggings! Jack Frost is settling in and is going to spend the next 5 months with us. Tis the season!

While we love hiding behind cold weather clothes, cold weather brings all sorts of hair drama. We kiss frizz goodbye and welcome static, dryness and even breakage. As if the cool, dry weather doesn’t do enough damage, we also have to deal with the wind whipping our hair into our lip gloss. The war between cool outside air and heated inside air really does a number on our strands. This time of year, our hair needs a lot of tender loving care, so here are some tips for manageable winter hair.


Static Cling:

Cold, dry winter weather causes hair to stand on its ends, stick to your neck and make you crazy! But don’t worry, we can help. Step one is to¬†hydrate. Hydrate your body AND your hair. Not only should you be sure to replace a few of your coffees with water, but also be sure to give your hair the drink it needs. A good rule of thumb in the cold weather season is to condition every time that you wash your hair. In addition to conditioning with a wash, we suggest using a moisture mask or an oil treatment. One of our favorites is the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. It’s one of our go-tos. It’s quick, it’s rich, it’s creamy and it dramatically improves your hairs texture and elasticity. It helps keep your hair lively from November to March!

ct wedding hair and makeup cold weather hair tips

Another trick is to take your wash routine to the limits. Can you add another day between washes? Do it! And every night make sure you comb out your hair, moving the natural oils from the scalp to the bottom of your hair!


Hat Hair:

Hats are a savior. They hide bad hair days, they keep you warm and they actually protect your hair from the harshness of Jack Frost- what more could you ask for? Unfortunately, the friction a hat causes isn’t ideal. This friction can cause damage and split ends. One suggestion is to buy some silk lined beanies or to wrap your hair up in a silk scarf before putting your hat on.

No silk lined beanies around you? Wool, cotton and cashmere beanies can help avoid static cling and hat flattened hair as well. When given the choice, a hat made from natural materials that fit loosely is always a win.

If you already have a collection of beanies that don’t match the above suggestions and don’t want to buy a new one, there is one last option. Tried and true? Rub the inside of your hat with a dryer sheet. And if worse comes to worst, keep come purse sized product to revive those flattened locks. Favorites for a quick post-hat tousle? OUAI texturizing hairspray! Packs a punch and fits in your purse. Lucky for you, this time of year Sephora and Ulta are packing with holiday gift packs which often provide a variety of sample sizes for a discounted price.

Bonus tip!! Don’t EVER put wet hair underneath that hat. Not only could you get sick, but it is terrible for your hair. Would you like to be outside, and wet, in the middle of the winter? We didn’t think so.

ct wedding hair and makeup cold weather hair tips


Keep it safe:

Cold weather hair has a tendency to break much more easily. It is dry, it is brittle and it is wind beaten. After you’ve elongated your wash routine, moisturized your hair, gotten your regular hair cuts, and added beanies to your rotation- you could also just try throwing your hair up into a maintenance free do. A style that won’t get bashed around by winter weather or be plagued with static and keeps your hair tied tight and shielded from the stress of winter. Some of our favorite dos? A fishtail braid, or a ballerina bun!

Buckle down-It’s November and we’re in for a few months of harsh weather. Do you have any outstanding winter weather hair tips? Do share!

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