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Beat the Heat | CT Bridal Hair and Makeup

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August 16, 2017

Summer is beautiful, right? Us New Englanders squeeze every single minute out of summer that we possibly can. We go to the beach, dine on outdoor patios and even get married outside. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and love is in the air. Everything is beautiful! Right? Of course, until your mascara is running down your face, your curls have fallen out and your sweat is leaving streaks in your foundation. If you are having a summer wedding, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your hair and makeup flawless and photogenic through that afternoon heat.

ct wedding hair and makeup beat the heat

Stick to an updo

If you have long hair, thick hair or dark hair that will attract the sun, wear it up!  No secret scientific reasoning here. The less hair you have on your neck, the cooler you will be. No sweaty nape, and no blanket of hair keeping your neck warm. Lucky for you, updos are totally in. If you are a boho-bride, try a braided crown. If you are going for the glam look, go with a high pony, like Ariana Grande.

The best thing about an updo, other than the fact that it gets your hair out of the way, is it is versatile. Boho, glamorous, relaxed, and more! You can even add a veil, tiara or flower crown. Perfect for any style bride.

ct wedding hair and makeup beat the heat


Dying for a down style?

We get it if your Pinterest board is full of down styles, or half down styles-we won’t stop you. Go for it, girl! If you must, here are a few things that will allow you to stress less about your tresses.

  1. Make sure you take care of your hair the weeks leading up to your wedding. Condition it,  deep condition it and then condition it again. If your hair is dry it will encourage fly aways, and no one wants that-so moisturize!
  2. On the day of, make sure you or your hair stylist is using the right products for your hair type. You have lived with your hair and know how it reacts in hot and humid weather.  Talk to your hairstylist to come up with the best plan of attack. You want to hold in style and fight frizz without weighing your hair down.
  3. Make sure you have some dry shampoo on hand.  Keep some with you and spray the nape of your neck and your part when you start to get a little sweaty.

ct wedding hair and makeup beat the heat

Similar to your hair, when it comes to makeup make sure you are getting your skin prepped weeks before your wedding occurs.  It is important to have well-moisturized skin as a base for any makeup application, especially when the weather heats up. Once your skin is primed and ready, we have a few tips for brides for the day of.


Be honest and open with your Makeup Artist:

It is important to be honest with your makeup artist.  Your skin type (oily, dry, mixed) is necessary information when it comes to your makeup artist choosing your primer, foundation, and products.  Your artist also needs to know little things like: Does your upper lip sweat? Do your eyelids sweat? Once your artist knows how your skin is and how it reacts to harsh environments, they will be able to make sure your look starts flawless and stays that way all night long. They may suggest oil free and waterproof options just to be safe.

Bonus: It doesn’t hurt to keep a few blotters in your clutch, for those sneaky sweat droplets.


Keep it simple:

Like most things in life, Keep it simple. This is a good rule of thumb.

  1. Don’t do anything that requires too many layers. Bold and rich colors have their place but may look too heavy in a summer environment. And because…step two.
  2. Keep things light. If you want to keep your makeup from creasing or caking than less is more.  Makeup likes to move, melt, crease, cake, and smear in hot humid weather. The less you wear, the less that can try to dance down your face.

ct wedding hair and makeup beat the heat

If you have a summer wedding and are looking for a hair and makeup team, give us a call! We have a roster of talented artists as well years of experience in keeping your hair and makeup locked and ready. Contact us today!


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