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Artist Introduction Lurlyne | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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May 31, 2017

Wedding Wednesday is the perfect day to introduce this next Artist in our CT wedding hair and makeup artist introduction series! This week, meet Lurlyne! Lurlyne is another new addition to our KiSSandMaKeUp team for this year. She is our Makeup Artist Assistant!

From an early age, Lurlyne has been drawn to the arts whether in music, dance or fashion. With interest in all different outlets, she was able her to show her creativity in many different forms. While Lurlyne has always been drawn to the arts, she went a completely different route in College. Starting her education in Biology and eventually graduating with an Accounting degree, Lurlyne didn’t have much room for creativity once she was in the working world. She quickly landed a role in the world of banking but yearned for an opportunity to use her creative skills more often. She loved crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets, but quickly realized she did not love the corporate world and wanted to find something that married all of her talents and desires. This is when she took a serious interest in makeup.

With the addition of makeup to her repertoire, Lurlyne seems to have found the perfect career balance. Currently, Lurlyne still works as a Revenue Analyst (which allows her to crunch numbers), as a wedding planner with Lauren O Events (which allows her to utilize her project management skills) and now a Makeup Artist Assistant with KiSSandMaKeUp! Trifecta! Not only is she great with numbers, but she is a superstar and maintaining tight timelines, and is knee deep in the wedding industry learning tips and tricks from the KiSSandMaKeUp makeup pros!

Lurlyne believes that the best use of makeup is when it is used to accent one’s natural beauty. To her, makeup is an accessory – just like a great pair of shoes – and it can be used as a gentle compliment to an outfit or a fierce expression of attitude. Though she is still learning the art of makeup, she is developing her technique as well as continuing her growth and knowledge by practicing, reading, attending classes and seminars and shadowing seasoned artists. Added bonus, for a beginner, she has a makeup kit that would put some people’s to shame!

When Lurlyne isn’t playing with numbers, timelines or makeup, she loves reading and watching any and all detective and mystery related media.  She watches so many Discovery ID shows, in fact, you can almost add a detective to her already impressive resume! Her friends joke that she is an amateur super sleuth and she often puts her skills to work researching things. She is also known to break it down on the dance floor to all the 90’s hits! She knows all the dances and will gladly teach you a move or two!

Lurlyne can do your accounting, plan your event, solve a mystery, and teach a class of kids the Running Man all while rocking a perfect contour and winged eyeliner. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things weddings and we are so happy to have her on our team!  She is learning the trade from the inside out, all while playing a crucial role in wedding day execution! Stay tuned, as there will surely be many more pictures of her work to come!

CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Lurlyne

Photos taken by: Yolanda Christine Photography

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