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Artist Introduction Kelly | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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May 24, 2017

It’s Wedding Wednesday which means your work week is half way over! It also means we have another artist to share with you in our CT wedding hair and makeup artist introduction series! Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce the first hair stylist in our series, Kelly (with a ‘Y’- you will see later why this is important)!

Kelly has wanted to be a hairstylist since she was a little girl. She tells stories about how she used to style her mother’s hair any chance she got. Her mother wasn’t the only head of hair Kelly played with either. Growing up, Kelly often would give her mothers visitors an updo before they left the house- even if their next stop was just to the grocery store. If practice makes perfect, Kelly is close. She has been practicing for almost her entire lifetime.

Kelly is one of the lucky ones. She knew what she wanted to do from the minute she could talk and she was good at it too. As soon as she could, Kelly enlisted in the North Haven Academy, A Paul Mitchell School and graduated with honors and other notable achievements. Kelly has spent 8 years behind the chair mastering her craft and just recently opened her own studio. It is this kind of passion, dedication, ambition, and drive that makes her fit in perfectly with the KiSSandMaKeUp team. Just a bunch of lady bosses, coming together and doing our thing-beautifying brides!

Owning a studio is time-consuming, but when Kelly does find some time to step out from behind the chair, she is usually with her dogs doing something outside. She is a hiker, a fisher, an archer and a lover of the beach (despite her fear of water). Kelly is also, in a very literal sense, a world traveler. She has recently visited Senegal, Africa, Bali and Indonesia, just to name a few! On her last adventure, she visited 8 beaches and 2 waterfalls in just 10 days! The ambition you find in Kelly in her career is exactly what pushes her to not let her fear of water stop her from seeing the world and all the beauty it has to offer.

Kelly started with KiSSandMaKeUp at the beginning of the year and has fit right in since the day she walked into her first wedding. Whether you are looking for curls, braids or something simple- Kelly has the talent necessary to make sure you’re happy. She is a world traveling, dog loving, hair guru. Brides love her and so do we!

Added Bonus! Enjoy some photos from Kelly’s latest travels!
CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Kelly
CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Kelly
CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Kelly

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