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Artist Introduction Christine | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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June 7, 2017

You’ve got the hang of it by now, right? Wedding Wednesday means you get to meet another one of our artists! We only have a few artists left to go in our CT wedding hair and makeup artist introduction series! Up next, meet Christine – The Cut Crease Queen!

Like a true makeup lover, Christine’s interest in makeup artistry began long before her career in makeup did. Her interest in makeup started, like most girls, in high school. Christine was in the color guard and can remember always showing up with fun stage makeup. It didn’t take long for her teammates to want the same look. Before competitions, all her teammates would line up in the bathroom or on the bus waiting for their turn getting one of Christine’s perfected cut crease with winged eyeliner look. Even if they didn’t win the competition, they all looked fierce thanks to Christine! Soon word got out and Christine was doing hair and makeup for the girls in her school before dances. Back then, she never dreamed it would actually become a trend made popular by the help of Instagram makeup artists, bloggers, and other self-taught makeup artists or a side gig for her!

Christine continued to do makeup for her friends growing up but took her career in a different direction after high school. She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Social Work and currently works full time as a Social Worker. She finds happiness in giving back and helping others achieve goals and accomplish things they never thought possible. It wasn’t until after her own wedding that she decided she wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry and do bridal makeup. Christine loves her day job but says there was a persistent nagging in the back of her mind pushing her to enter the beauty industry. This is when she started taking 1:1 makeup classes.

Today, Christine is a certified makeup artist specializing in airbrush, traditional and HD makeup. She has a spectrum of capabilities and can create a very natural look or a very dramatic look, completely depending on what her client’s personal style is. She loves using her passion for makeup artistry to make women feel their best. To her, being a part of a woman’s most special day is the most rewarding. Similar to all the KiSSandMaKeUp artists, Christine is working with a fully stocked kit including MAC, Lorac, Urban Decay, and many other drool-worthy brands.

In her free time, Christine is the mommy of one wildly energetic two-year-old girl named Frankie. Between work, thrilling games of Hide and Seek with Frankie, and training for her third road race, Christine loves to curl up with a good book. She finds reading to be the most relaxing and it helps her unwind.

Christine was a fantastic addition to the KiSSandMaKeUp team. She has a big heart and big talent to match. With Christine, you will have a stress-free makeup experience. Like Christine says, “Choosing KiSSandMaKeUp is the best decision…aside from marrying your best friend, of course!” Of course, we agree!

CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Christine

CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Christine CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Christine CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Christine

Photos taken by: Sassy Mouth Photography

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