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February 18, 2016

A little about Zach and I.  We met in 5th grade when Zach moved to town.  Our circle of friends overlapped at times and we would sometimes find ourselves at the same gatherings, but we did not start dating until a few days after our high school graduation.  By that point college decisions were made, so we spent the summer together and then did the long distance relationship thing for four years.  Seeing each other just once or twice a month got old so after college graduation I moved to Boston to live with him.  After six years of dating Zach proposed to me on our anniversary in our apartment over a delicious romantic dinner and dessert he made.  It was perfect and very “us”.  After knowing each other for 14 years we got married a few days after our seven year anniversary.
When planning our wedding Zach really let me take charge.  After all it is really the girl who dreams about her wedding.  Planning a wedding is hard, very few will say differently.  I found that all you need to do is know what you want and follow your gut.  Once you have a good team behind you, planning such a big day seems much more manageable.  All of my vendors had one thing in common, THEY FELT RIGHT.  Weddings are a business, but you should never be made to feel like you are just the next pay check.  Find vendors who see you as a bride planning one of your most important days of your life.  Find people who love what they do.  Find people who get satisfaction out of being part of your big day and making you happy.  When you find those vendors you will just know it!
Greg Moss Photogrpahy-28-X2
Salem Cross Inn
West Brookfield, MA
(508) 867-2345
The Salem Cross Inn has always been my dream wedding location.  It was where my family always went for our special occasion fancy dinners and has for many years been where Zach and and I celebrated Valentines Day.  When I was a little girl I would always peek my head into the barn when they were having weddings and dream of my own day.  When Zach and I got engaged the Salem Cross Inn was naturally the first step in the planning process.  With the beautiful grounds, historic building and amazing food the Salem Cross Inn was everything we wanted.
Greg Moss Photogrpahy-1-X2

Greg Moss Photogrpahy-2-X3

Greg Moss Photogrpahy-10-X3

Greg Moss
(413) 274-7347
Greg came recommended by the Salem Cross Inn, we even viewed one of his beautiful wedding books there when we met with their wedding planner.  As it turned out Greg was located in our home town and had a wonderful reputation in the community as well as the wedding world.  When we met with Greg for the first time he was easy to talk to, he listened very well to what Zach and I wanted and his work was beautiful.  Greg’s talent, personality and knowledge of our wedding venue made him perfect for our wedding photography.
Greg Moss Photogrpahy-17-X2
Greg Moss Photogrpahy-4-X2
Green Thumb Florist
(413) 245-6565
Having sunflowers at my wedding was important to me because they are my favorite flower and they have always reminded me of my great grandmother.  After being told by a couple of florists that they could not get me sunflowers for me June wedding I found Joyce.  The talent that she has for taking an image in your head and turning it into beautiful bouquets is amazing.  I went to Joyce with a few ideas and we went right into her shop and started creating bouquets.  It was fun to be able to say “I don’t think that flower fits what I was picturing, lets try another.”  Joyce also knew the Salem Cross Inn very well so she could easily picture everything that I was saying.  Also, It was very refreshing hearing a wedding vendor say “I’m not going to talk you into using more and more flowers just to charge you more.  I know that is not the simple, natural vision you have for your wedding.” Joyces love and knowledge for flowers and her business made it so easy to just trust her and put the creativity in the hands of the professional.

Greg Moss Photogrpahy-12-X2Greg Moss Photogrpahy-11-X2

MARX Entertainment
DJ Darren
(866) 627-9357
DJ Darren and Marx Entertainment was easy to work with and very well known in their professional field.  They helped us choose our important songs for the day and make a reception timeline.  Their online music selection database was very helpful and easy to use.  DJ Darren also did a great job playing music that everyone would dance to.
Greg Moss Photogrpahy-19-X2
Looks to Kill
(413) 323-9280
Susan and Jody from Looks to Kill Salon came out to do all of the ladies in the weddings hair.  Looks to Kill (especially Susan) has been doing my hair all of my life including for all of my proms.  Susan knows my hair and is very talented.  It was a no brainer to have the wonderful ladies at Looks to Kill be part of my wedding day.
 Greg Moss Photogrpahy-9-X2Greg Moss Photogrpahy-15-X2
Bridal Heirlooms
(413) 532-4848
My dress and bridesmaids dressed were from Bridal Heirlooms.  My sister got her wedding dress from this adorable boutique a couple of years ago so we knew the store and the associates well.  They are a very welcoming group of women who are very devoted to making their customers comfortable and happy.
Greg Moss Photogrpahy-3-X2
Pamela Contreras
(860) 830-4344
When I met Pamela at the Western New England Bridal Show  I just knew she was someone I wanted to work with.  I could tell from the start that she was a kind, hard working, personable, professional person and exactly the kind of person I wanted around me on the morning of my wedding day.  While getting ready on your wedding day you want to be calm and relaxed and you want to surround yourself with people who are going to make that happen.  Pamela is one of those people! She listened to all of my bridesmaids and mother to find out exactly what they wanted to look like and what would make them comfortable and she duplicated my trial make up perfectly!  Along with being a crucial part of my wedding day Pamela became a friend and we still keep in touch now.
-hair pins ElegantChicJewel
-save the dates and invitations Sunny Side Print Party
Amazing vendors are what make your vision a reality. If you’re planning a wedding take a moment to check out these wedding vendors!

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