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The Best Braids For Summer | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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July 18, 2018

Summer means heat! If you live here in Connecticut, you know how that heat can be humid and sticky. Having any hairstyle can be a huge pain! All we want to do is get the hair off our neck and out of our face. If you’re going to an event or to work you may not always want to rock the pony tail. Hello the solution to our summer hair woes: the braid! Learning how to utilize the right braids for summer will add style and volume to your hair even if you’re on day three of dry shampoo. 

ct wedding hair and make up

Creating The Crown Braid

Hair: Kelly Makeup: Pam

Learning this type of front braid is a game changer. The cutest way to pull all that loose hair off your face even if you have short hair or bangs growing out. The best part is it’s super easy to learn! What we love about the crown braid is how many different styles it can be incorporated into. You can create a front braid and pull it back into a teased ponytail to transition from the gym to running errands. Executing a loose, voluminous braid is also perfect for maintaining a downstyle while still keeping your face free from loose strands. We pulled this great YouTube video that goes over a couple ways to create and style the crown braid and other types of braids that keep the hair off your face.


[kad_youtube url=”” width=600 height=600 ]


ct wedding hair and make up

Accent Braids

First Braid: Kellie Second: Shirley


Simple braids can be used to add an extra flair to an style. Knowing where to position and how to fasten the braid will make a big difference to your style. Braids are a great way to enhance a down-style. These types of waterfall braids or sweeping braids create dimension and keep your hair in place during a long day or event. Our trick: once you have your braid pinned down, pull out the loops of hair to create volume and fullness. Keep a few curled pieces out in front to soften the look.

Hair: Kellie

ct wedding hair and make up

Bohemian Braids

We like big braids and we cannot lie! A nice big braid is a summer essential. A french or fishtail braid style can be great for a picnic, festival, or day out on the town. What’s great about a big braid is you can pull out the braids to add volume. You can even incorporate accessories into it! Styled right, a bohemian braid can look flawless for any event.

First Braid: Abbe Second: Carly


ct wedding hair and make up

Love braids as much as we do? Our hair stylists are always excited to incorporate braids into your formal event or wedding day look. From brides to bridesmaids there is a braid for every hair type. Braids create volume and texture that enhance both updos and down styles flawlessly. Learn more about our artists that specialize in braids whose work has been featured in this blog: Kellie, Carly, Shirley, Kelly, and Abbe.

Loving these looks for your big day? Make sure you book your wedding services with us!

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