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Summer 2018 Healthy Hair Tips | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

Beauty, Bridal Hair, CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

July 25, 2018

Healthy hair is happy hair! We love changing up our color and trying new styles but we always take advice from our hairdresser! Any hair stylist on our team will tell you how much easier it is to style healthy hair. We are talking hydrated, soft, breakage-free hair. Every girl’s dream! When you run your hairbrush through, there should be minimal strands coming out. Your ends should come together to a point and not frizzy.

Ok, now are you dying for us to tell you our Summer 2018 healthy hair tips? We’re going to spill! We want you to know because if you are having your hair styled this summer for a formal event or wedding, you will have the most flawless look if your hair is healthy! 


healthy hair tips

ct wedding hair and make up

your must have deep conditioners healthy hair tips bridal hairstyles We got the scoop from our team of hair stylists what their favorite deep conditioners are. Recommendations from hair professionals are always the way to go. Our artists will only trust hair products they have used and seen results from. Investing in a quality deep conditioner that will transform dull, damaged hair will make a huge difference in the health of your hair. I personally use the Schwarzkopf Fortifying Mask on my hair and leave in overnight to rinse out in the morning. For my lightened hair this has been a lifesaver in rejuvenating the texture and sleekness of my hair.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy //  Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask

2018 healthy hair tips


ct wedding hair and make up

protect from heat healthy hair tips bridal hairstyles

If you’re like us, you style your hair often. Even if you aren’t using hot tools every day, damage from UV rays of the sun can also affect the color and feel of your hair. In the summer, we are in ponytails and pools, adding strain and chemicals to our locks. It’s so important to pre-treat your hair before any hot styling. This means blow drying, curling, and straightening. Likewise, a protective barrier from the harsh UV rays of the sun is extra important as we start to spend more and more time outside in the Summer months. What does our team of hair stylists recommend?

Kenra Thermal Styling Spray //  Moroccan Oil Treatment // Moroccan Oil UV Blocking Spray


summer healthy hair tips heat protection products


ct wedding hair and make up

maintain your style regularly healthy hair tips bridal hairstyles

A routine trip to the salon is super important for hair maintenance. Snipping away split ends and having any necessary treatments done to your hair should always be done by a professional. For the most vibrant color that nourishes your hair, your hairdresser will always know the appropriate formulas and time to keep colors and treatments on your hair. They can also give you advice on how to revitalize your hair in between visits. Often, this means avoiding washing daily and using a deep conditioning treatment (noted above) in between salon appointments.


healthy hair tips bridal hairstyles

The best styles achieve volume and long-lasting hold with healthy hair! Kellie pieces together the final look for this bridal updo.


ct wedding hair and make up

summer hairstyle

As a bonus, we rounded up some favorites from our hair stylist Shirley. She swears by these three products for all her formal styling to combat humidity and guarantee hold all day!

KMS Humidity Spray // Moroccan Oil Hairspray // Kenra Shine Spray

shirley hairstylist kissandmakeup favorite products


Summer hair can be a little more challenging to maintain but proper hydration and heat protection are key to keep your lock luscious and styled. Add some of these products to your arsenal for some extra help keeping your hair healthy! Interested in more hair tips for summer? Don’t miss our blog about braids for summer!

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