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Sun-Protective Products | Summer Must-Haves

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July 24, 2019

Did you survive the last heat-wave? It was a brutal one! Just keep in mind, summer is only half way over. While we are SO thankful we still have more time to embrace the sun and work on our tan, but sun means damage! Our skin, hair, and lips are all constantly exposed to the harmful UV rays that dry us out and could cause potential health risks! ARM YOURSELVES! Last week, we talked about makeup products that help maintain your face through humidity and weather. This week, we’re going deeper to tackle products that will SAVE your skin and locks from the harmful effects that come along with the Summer season. Make sure you have these sun-protective products in your bag!

Save Your Skin

Your face bares it all. We are laying out, taking walks, and basking in the beautiful rays. This means, your body may be covered but your face soaks in all that sunlight whether it is cloudy or bright outside. Yes, you can still get a sunburn even if it is cloudy! Make sure your morning routine ALWAYS includes an SPF. If you don’t want to switch your moisturizer, consider adding SPF as a finishing touch. For a dual action product, try a setting spray with SPF in it. You can reapply throughout the day to combat humidity, reduce shine, and protect your face from UV rays!

COOLA Makeup Setting Spray with SPF

Protect Your Hair

You rarely think your hair needs protection from something like the sun, but it does! Especially your sensitive exposed scalp! Spritz on a quick UV protective spray before you leave the house and you will be amazed how lush your hair will remain this summer.

moroccan oil

Moroccan Oil Protect & Prevent Spray

Your Lips Need Attention, Too!

We are constantly taking the product off our lips throughout the day. Even if you swipe on an SPF moisturizer in the morning, you likely are not getting too much, if any, on your lips. An SPF lip balm is so important in your summer routine because of the sensitivity of the skin on your lips. It should be reapplied frequently whenever you are going to venture outside due to eating and drinking!

Sun Bum SPF Lip Balm

All Over Protection

A safe routine to get into is applying sunblock daily. Even short walks to your car or outside can expose your skin to harmful UV rays that can cause skin issues and even cancer down the line. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and should be protected accordingly. You shower, moisturize, and then leave your skin susceptible to sunburn and damage which can ultimately dry out your skin and cause wrinkles and sagging as you age. SPF is anti-aging, so applying it routinely in the morning will actually firm your skin overall.

Don’t get so swept away in summer fun that you forget to protect yourself! Just a couple of key products and quick additions to getting ready in the morning will benefit you in so many ways. Want more tips? Don’t miss our blog on humidity proof makeup tips to keep your face flawless after you’ve protected your skin from the sun!

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