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Humidity Proof Makeup Tips

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July 17, 2019

It’s been a hot and humid July so far and summer is just heating up! With temperatures reaching 100 and our busy lives keeping us bustling in the heat, our makeup doesn’t always last all day. Did you know you can prevent the dreaded makeup melt with a couple of tricks and products? Our team of makeup artists dish on their go-to humidity proof makeup tips!

summer primer

BECCA – First Light Primer/ Ever-Matte Primer  Smashbox – Photo-Finish Primer

Primer Is Essential

Using a quality primer will extend the longevity of your makeup. Look for a primer that works with your skin type for the best results. Our artists have a couple of favorites that they go to in these summer months! When choosing a primer, customize your product to your skin type. Always read what the formula is meant for. Sometimes the best way to tackle oily skin is actually by giving it hydration! Likewise, you don’t want to strip already dry skin with something that is too “mattifying”. It’s all about balance!

ct wedding hair and make up
makeup setting spray summer

Urban Decay – De-slick Setting Spray MAC – Fix+ Skindinavia – The Makeup Finishing Spray

Setting Sprays Go A Long Way

At the end of a makeup application, always use a setting spray. These sprays are formulated to create a barrier between your flawless makeup application and the world. These specially created setting products will seal in your makeup against heat, humidity, and dancing. Look for a setting spray geared toward your skin type. Some will leave a dewy finish and others are strictly matte. Our artists gear their setting spray to their client’s complexion.

ct wedding hair and make up
mohegan sun bridal show ct wedding hair and makeup

Look For Humidity-Proof Products

Cosmetic lines such as Urban Decay have products geared towards longevity. Their All-Nighter line just came out with foundations and a setting powder that truly leaves your face sheen-free. If you have oily skin, look for products that are labeled as “matte” which will neutralize excess oil. Products that guarantee 12+ hours of wear are perfect if you plan on being out for a while. As always, when attending any formal event or wedding, airbrush makeup is always guaranteed humidity resistant and hypoallergenic!

ct wedding hair and make up

Procedures That Last!

For years I filled in barely-there brows that would make me nervous to get near a pool. When I went to the beach I was embarrassed by how much makeup I had on my face. The worst was when my brows would start to sweat off and I would get a streak of product! Having a micro-blading procedure completely changed my makeup routine and my confidence this summer. Later this month, we are going to talk more about micro-blading and what the process is like, how long it lasts, and how it really feels! Follow our blog every week!

In addition to micro-blading, we also offer eyelash extensions, and lifting and tinting. These procedures exist to simplify your routine! Hit the pool without penciling in your brows or wondering if your mascara is going to run. You can truly say “I woke up like this!” with these procedures!

The best guarantee for flawless makeup for any occasion is a professional makeup artist application. Our artists know skin and have an arsenal of products to suit any skin type and any type of weather. They know exactly what to combine and how to set your makeup for the most flawless coverage and long-lasting makeup application. Have an upcoming event or wedding?

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