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Skin Care Tips For Autumn

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October 10, 2018

Every season means a change in environment. Our skin withstands so much daily exposure to the elements it’s important to switch up our routine for the season! We have some skin care tips for autumn to keep you glowing and fresh faced as it cools down outside!

skin care tips for fall

What changes does Autumn bring? To explain why it’s important to change your regimen, we did a little science research. The most notable is a sudden drop in temperature and moisture in the air. In New England, Summer is noted by its blazing heat and thick, humid air that coats us the moment we step outside. Our body responds by producing additional oils to counteract the climate. So when the temperature drops and the air lack the same moisture, our skin often becomes dry. Seasonal allergens hitting our dry skin can produce redness and even itchiness.

With so many airborne changes going on during this transitional season it’s important to keep your skin protected. Read more for the tips we have to stay glowing while the leaves turn orange.


Always SPF

Even if you’re not planning a trip to the beach, UV rays from the sun are just as strong in any season. We cannot stress enough: SPF is a year-round necessity! Any time you step outside you are exposed to the harsh rays from the sun. This includes when it is cloudy out, too! Always include an SPF in your regimen whether in your moisturizer or cosmetics.

skin care tips for autumn

Hyaluronic Acids & Moisture

Dryer skin means flakiness and itchiness – and neither of those are desirable! Replenish the moisture that your skin is begging for as temperatures cool down and we are exposed to indoor heating units. Hyaluronic Acid is your best friend in Fall and Winter. Not only does it add an incredible amount of moisture to your skin, but it breaks down any dry surface skin for a smooth finish. You can find hyaluronic acid in serums, and moisturizers as well as supplements.


skin care tips for autumn

Avoid Hot Hot Water

Often, the biggest culprit in our dry skin is the repeated change from hot to cold. Harsh winds mixed with sun and allergens hitting our face tests the top layers of our skin. Avoid being too close to heating units or cleansing your face with hot water. Rather, take warm showers and wash your face with lukewarm water to avoid surface stress to your delicate skin.


skin care tips for autumn

A new season means a change in your routine. During Autumn it gets darker earlier, we dress in more layers, update your skin care, too! Don’t forget, beautiful skin starts from the inside out, stay hydrated and drink lots of water to keep your skin clear. Make sure you don’t miss our insider tips on Autumn trends in hair and makeup!


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