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Halloween Looks 2018

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October 17, 2018

Our team of artists slays the wedding game all year. In October, we like to get a little spooky! While we do not book halloween sessions with our artists, they love having some fun with their makeup kits during October in the spirit of Halloween. We put together our favorite Halloween Looks 2018 for you to get inspired to create your own unique Halloween makeup look!


Halloween Looks 2018

Halloween Looks 2018 Halloween Looks 2018

Skeletons & Sugar Skulls

An easy way to create a spooky Halloween look with what you currently have or a simple Halloween makeup kit is a skeleton or sugar skull. These looks can be created with minimal product or colors. Start by creating outlines of where natural shadows would occur if you were, ya know, a skeleton! There are so many YouTube tutorials for this look that cater to every skill level. Give it some practice!


Halloween Looks 2018 Halloween Looks 2018 Halloween Looks 2018

Illusion Makeup

If you’re looking to practice a more advanced makeup look this Halloween, dimensional face paint can transform you! To create a look of an animal or otherworldly creature, choose makeup that fits the color scheme and brushes that can create texture. Don’t be afraid to layer products!


Halloween Looks 2018 Halloween Looks 2018

Special Effects

Incorporating 3D details such as prosthetics and special effects always screams Halloween! Kits can be purchased to create similar looks at your local Halloween superstore. These kits often include items such as liquid latex, adhesives, and various 3D pieces that can be attached such as fake scars and The Monster of Frankenstein’s neck bolts. The makeup to conceal the adhesives are also often included in these kits or can be purchased separately. Always blend out when making an applicated special effect item look real! If you think you need additional sponges for different colors, a regular cosmetic sponge will do the trick!

Images above provided by Katie. All Halloween makeup was done by Katie.

halloween looks 2018 halloween looks 2018

Whichever look you plan on trying this Halloween, practice makes perfect. Any transformative look takes time but always steals the show when it looks realistic, dimensional, and textured. Check out YouTube or Pinterest for some fun ideas to try out before Halloween creeps in! We hope some of these ideas inspired you! Check out some additional looks featured on Spirit Halloween along with the kits to purchase to recreate them!



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