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Meet the KiSSandMaKeUp Team – Kely


October 31, 2022

Meet our newest makeup artist, Kely!

“Makeup is Art! Beauty is spirit!”

I could not find the source for that quote, but I always have it in mind when working with my clients. I like to listen to them and understand their personality in order to showcase it in the makeup look they envision for themselves. After all, clients don’t want to look like everyone else. They want to showcase
their own unique self.

I fell in love with makeup back in 2011. Makeup tutorials were starting to become very popular on Youtube and I was fascinated with how transformational makeup could be and eager to learn more about it. So I started watching makeup tutorials then recreating the looks on myself. Would go and buy the exact products used so I could recreate everything step by step. Well, so much money later…

Then in 2012 I applied for a job at Macys to work in their Cosmetic department. I was hired on the spot by their cosmetic manager and assigned to work at the Lancome counter where I was immediately assigned makeup application services. There, through hands on practice, I learned how to prep different skin types,  identify skin tones, do skin correction and how to match all different skin
shades to accuracy.

In 2014 I started working for Bobbi Brown, where I made good use of my former teaching experience to give clients makeup lessons using Bobbi Brown’s own techniques. Through training and lots of practice, I learned so much about colorimetry, visagism, timeless eyeshadow looks and etc. At that time I also
started doing some bridal work as outsourcing for Bobbi Brown.  I took a break from cosmetics in 2018 and became a jewelry department manager just because I loved the idea of a new challenge. Skip 2020!

In 2021 I decided I really wanted to do makeup again and started working for MAC.  This year I felt the desire to focus more on my makeup career and specialize more on bridal makeup. I then took 4 extra courses to improve and update my skills, being one on skin preparation and makeup durability, another on different timeless and trendy smokey eye techniques and two more on bridal beauty. They were all courses taught by Brazilian artists, since I like the Brazilian style of makeup and love incorporating it into my own style while adapting it to my clientele here. Most recently I also became certified on airbrush makeup by the Connecticut International Institute of Cosmetology.

So far in 2022, I have done 15 weddings just between June and September. Besides weddings, I also love doing party makeup looks, makeup for photoshoots and any special occasions.  I would say my style of artistry is pretty versatile. I can do anything from a soft natural look to a beautiful Smokey eye! Whatever my client requests. But soft glam has a special place in my heart.

In my free time I like to:
• read books about spirituality, manifestation, positivity and consciousness expansion.
• going for long walks with my beagle Jerry.
• meditate.
• catch up with my family in Brazil through WhatsApp.
• Go to vineyards, beach, movies, fairs, festivals, restaurants and sports events.

Curiosities about me:
• I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to the US in 2011.
• I taught English as a second language in Brazil before moving here.
• I love animals, especially dogs.
• I named my beagle Jerry after Jerry Seinfeld. Big fan!