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Choosing The Right Makeup Brushes

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June 19, 2019

A great makeup product is only as good as the brush you use to apply it. Even the best professional products can fall short when applied with a bad brush. The quality and type of the brush you use are equal factors in how well it will work for your product and purpose. Our team of makeup experts have a whole kit of brushes for every type of makeup, but not everyone can buy every brush in Sephora! Learn from our wedding makeup artists about how choosing the right makeup brushes can make a huge difference on how flawless your makeup comes out! Plus, you can EARN A FREE MAKEUP BRUSH by the end of this blog!

5 Must Have Types of Brushes

Choosing the right makeup brushes

Powder brushes are versatile for many products. You can use these for blending or baking. The long, fluffy bristles can be used to dust powder or delicately place blush. A lightweight, quality powder brush can apply product without disrupting any other makeup.

Choosing the right makeup brushes

Good liner starts with a crisp brush. Applying line requires a steady hand and a thin, angled line. The quality of these bristles must be dense enough to hold the product but thin enough to create the perfect line. This type of brush can double for applying product to eyebrows due to the sharp end.

Choosing the right makeup brushes

You want a contour brush to be dense and flat. To apply contour like a pro, use the brush to apply product in a defining area such as the nose and cheekbones and then blend out. When you are looking for that ultra contoured look, blending is everything!

Choosing the right makeup brushes

When in doubt, blend it out! The rounded end and amount of bristles both contribute to how easily your shadow will blend with one of these brushes. Pro Tip: swipe eyeshadow onto tip of brush and tap out excess over your alternate hand for an easier application. Use the brush on an angle in a circular motion to blend shadow softly on the lid.

Choosing the right makeup brushes

The LAST thing you want when applying your makeup is loose bristles coming out when applying your foundation. Having a high-quality foundation brush is your ultimate investment if you wear foundation on a regular basis. The bristles will maximize your use of product rather than soak it in. Your application will look almost airbrushed with the perfect foundation brush.

Wash & Care

Properly caring and cleansing your makeup brushes will keep them in tip-top quality and increase their longevity. Just rinsing them in water isn’t enough and some soaps may be harsh or damaging to the bristles. Choose a professional makeup brush cleaning product. Our favorite is Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner that offers a set of sizes for daily or professional makeup work. Clean your brushes once a month to keep them in like-new quality. You’ll be doing a favor for your skin, too, eliminating excess product and bacteria.

parian spirit brush cleanier

Still feel uncertain on which brushes are right for you and the makeup you use? One of our favorite makeup subscription services is called Live Glam. Their website offers three different types of monthly services that can boost your makeup collection with products that are perfectly tailored for you. You can choose from lipstick, eyeshadow, or our favorite brush club called MorpheMe. Interested in that free brush?

live glam

The average brush costs $4 or more! Through the MorpheMe Brush Club you pay one monthly price for 3-8 high quality, professional makeup brushes. They even include free shipping! You can get reward points and bonuses, plus you always have the option to skip, swap brushes, or cancel.

morpheme brush club

Ready for your KiSSandMaKeUp exclusive perk? By reading this blog YOU EARNED A FREE BRUSH ON US!

morpheme free brush

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