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Beauty Hacks For Traveling On Your Honeymoon

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June 12, 2019

The sign of a good honeymoon is a lot of travel and a little baggage. You never want to feel tied down by bringing too much on your romantic trip, but keeping up with your beauty regimen is important! How can you pack light but still have all the essentials? Our team of former brides and wedding professionals have some tips on beauty hacks for traveling on your honeymoon!

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

For any honeymoon destination, always pack a product that can cover all bases. Choose a tinted moisturizer with SPF and ditch the heavy foundations and concealers for the trip. The tinted moisturizer will provide enough coverage while the SPF will keep your skin protected from any harsh rays while you’re sunbathing. For more coverage, opt for a BB or CC cream to suit your skin type. We love IT Cosmetics CC cream with color correcting and 50+ SPF to keep you looking flawless and protected from the sun.

it cosmetics cc cream kissandmakeupct


Depending on your destination, some essentials such as toilet paper may be necessary and serve dual purposes. Honeymoon locations such as Bali don’t always offer some basics we rely on here. Always travel with your own TP. This can come in clutch if you’re staying in a jungle-side hut. You can always use it for a blotting paper as well to touch yourself up in the humid climate!

A Great Sleep Mask

Airplane travel can be an absolute nightmare if you can’t get some shut eye. Also consider your destination and how your sleep schedule may get interrupted. Find a great eye mask to stay on track and avoid irritation with a quality product. We always go for the Slip Silk Sleep Mask.

slip silk sleep mask kissandmakeupct

Zip Lock Bags

Store your products the smart way by utilizing an everyday item: zip-lock bags! When traveling always pack your cosmetics and products in a sealed bag in case anything spills. It’s also great to carry bags in case something gets wet so your makeup doesn’t get damaged or lost.

An All-In-One Product

Rather than packing your entire makeup bag, choose a versatile product. Our experts recommend something that will cover the essentials: pouty lips and rosy cheeks. We love the Stila Convertible Color compact that packs a punch in its tiny packaging. Throw this gem in your luggage and swipe on for a quick upgrade in your look when you head from the pool out to dinner.

Pack Smart

Take some time to pack smart! Keep it simple! Make sure you check out the weather where you will be traveling and pack essential pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Consider what activities you’re participating in on your honeymoon and stick to items that will fit in with your adventures! We always consult the packing tips from Real Simple when we are packing for a trip! If you’re packing and realize you’re missing something like a super cute hat or tote bag to bring on the plane, we are now affiliated with Nelson Shop and are offering a discount code on your purchase!

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