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February 19, 2020

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Treat your beau to a sassy and supercharged photo session known as Boudoir. You can transform these photos into anything from a calendar to some small, intimate snapshots to gift to your hunny.

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What is Boudoir?

Empowerment. Glamour. Confidence. Wear as little or as much as you feel comfortable in. Our team of artists love creating these bold looks. It is common for the bride-to-be to give boudoir photos to her groom as a wedding day present! We say, it’s perfectly fine to take them for yourself, too!

Originating from the French word “boudeur” meaning sulky, these intimate shoots typically take place in a soft setting, such as a couch or bedroom. Poses are much more relaxed, and the angles of the photo are meant to exude seduction.

Hair and makeup for boudoir is not your everyday look. Full volume, tousled hair is achieved with big, brushed out curls. Our makeup artists will recommend a smokey eye and long lashes with a pink or red lip. This is definitely the time to go bold!

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Boudoir is a way to take charge over the way your beauty is portrayed.

We love teasing hair a little extra. The lashes, the lipstick, and the eyeliner get an extra va-voom for these looks. The exaggeration of hair and make up make these photoshoots extra fun for our artists, and empowering for our clients.

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