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Artist Spotlight: Tori | CT Wedding Hair and MakeUp

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May 30, 2018

Our Very Own Assistant Makeup Artist , Tori!

tori makeup artist wedding hair and makeup
Tori never had a clue she would grow up to become a Makeup Artist, although she has always loved anything to do with makeup. Currently, Tori is a cosmetology student attending Oliver Wolcott Technical High School working towards obtaining her cosmetology license.

ct wedding hair and make up

“If five-year-old Tori ever went missing, you could almost always find her anywhere her mom’s makeup bag. Her little hands were always snatching any makeup from her mom which she found intriguing. In her elementary years, Tori began wearing whatever makeup she was allowed which normally consisted of bright blue eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, and mascara whenever her mom wasn’t looking.”

ct wedding hair and make up


Growing up with two brothers, Tori acquired a passion for sports. She has previously played soccer, football with the boys, and basketball. Tori was part of the Forbes Flyers, a competitive jump rope team up until she knew she loved basketball enough to play year round. As of today, Tori is a varsity starter for her school’s basketball team and plans on coaching in the future. Tori says she loves sports because they teach you to be a team player while also teaching discipline.
Whenever Tori has the time, she loves creating vivid makeup looks on herself with different color combinations using any color you can imagine! She wishes more people would be willing to try color more often. Tori says choosing the right color can really make someone’s eyes pop.
Tori finally discovered she had talent by unprofessionally doing makeup on her friends and family in eighth grade. Tori is a self-taught Makeup Artist, in her free time, she’s constantly watching tutorials on new trends and how to achieve the look. Her dreams after she graduates High School are to become a full-time Makeup Artist and travel the world to learn other Countries ways of makeup.
Tori’s number one makeup rule to live by is blend until your wrists can’t blend anymore. She is all about blending whether it’s eyeshadow, contour, or blending false lashes with the natural. Tori believes blending can either make or break a look. Her main goal is to enhance a client’s natural beauty, never to alter it.
What's In Your Kit? Ct Wedding hair and make up
 We always get the scoop from our artists on their must have products! What is always Tori’s Kit?
ct wedding planner makeup artist tori
Tori is already a shining star as a makeup assistant on our CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Team! Her skills go far beyond a typical assistant, but she is quickly easing into the world of bridal beauty! We look forward to Tori being a part of our team and becoming a full makeup artist someday soon!

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