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5 Steps To Clean Out Your Makeup Bag | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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May 23, 2018

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A million products and not sure what to use? We recently held KiSSandMaKeUp workshops dedicated to taking some time Spring Cleaning our makeup bags. Ditch the expired products and swap out those Winter trends. We have 5 steps to clean out your makeup bag.

ct wedding hair and makeup fall beauty tips


1. Expired products could be affecting your skin!

Take a look at the labels on your cosmetics. Do you see the little symbol indicating how long after opening the product should be tossed? Most people never pay attention to this! It is super important to ditch expired products. Knowing how long your cosmetics can be safely used after opening can save you from skin problems down the line. Wondering why you’re suddenly breaking out? Your makeup could be the cause! Follow our chart on how to determine who keeps or who tosses.

clean out your makeup bag


clean out your makeup bag

Liquid Eyeliner

clean out your makeup bag

clean out your makeup bag

Cream Eyeshadows
Cream Blushes
Liquid Foundation


clean out your makeup bag

Nail Polish
Compact Foundation

clean out your makeup bag


clean out your makeup bag

Loose Powder
Blush & Bronzer
Pencil Eyeliner & Lipliner
Powder Eyeshadow

clean your makeup bag



2. Switch Up Your Products For Summer

Let’s face it, we all sweat a little more during summer. Sure, we can call it a glisten, but your glisten is only as good as your highlighter staying in place! The key to maintaining flawless summer skin is to incorporate a primer and setting spray into your routine. Prep your skin by cleansing, applying moisturizer, and then applying a thin layer of primer suited for your skin tone before putting on your makeup. After you’re done, spritz all over with a makeup setting spray to seal it in for hours!

setting spray summer makeup tips


3.  One Trend At A Time

To avoid spending money on a bunch of trending makeup items this summer, stick to just one trend at a time to make sure you really like it! Makeup trends are so much fun. We love some bright lipsticks and unique products that come out. Making sure you don’t overload your makeup bag with items that are only trendy for that week will save you money and space in the long run!

trending makeup 2018

4. When In Doubt, Use The 6 Month Rule

As you learned earlier in this post, makeup expires! Since we have to constantly stay on top of our products as makeup artists, we have a 6 month rule for used products. If we haven’t worn it in 6 months, it’s probably safe to say we aren’t going to wear it until it goes bad. Are you guilty of replacing a product before it’s done? Ditch the last drops of the old one if it’s sitting in your drawer. Broken lipstick you haven’t worn since last Halloween? Out with the old, in with something new!


5. Know Thy Skin

This last one might seem a little obvious, but most people don’t buy makeup to suit their skin type. Most people aren’t entirely sure what their skin type or correct undertones are! Wearing the wrong shade will get you that dreaded jawline and that’s never cute. Wearing the wrong type of cosmetics could cause worse problems down the line. If you have combo skin, use products tailored for oily skin only where have excess oil to avoid drying out the rest of your skin. Before purchasing a foundation, always make sure you have a color match by testing the product on your jawline and making sure it disappears completely in bright light.

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