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Your Bridal Trial | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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July 4, 2018

Your bridal trial is the special appointment you make to meet your hair & makeup artist for your big day. This is when you share your beauty vision and get the first glimpse at how you will look on your wedding day. It is important to make the most out of your bridal trial. We have tips to ensure you leave your appointment feeling confident and even more excited for when your beauty team arrives on your wedding.

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ct wedding hair and make up

bridal trial hair and makeup tips

We love when brides are so excited they want to book their trial right away. Our advice: wait to book your bridal trial. The reasoning here is because your look will inevitably change! So often we see brides come back for a second trial because their hair color has changed and grown out. If you have your trial too early your skin may even change depending on the time of year and other factors in your life. How often do you use the same products for an entire year? So many things can change! Wait until you are approaching your wedding date.

It’s easy to book! Just call your hair and makeup team (hopefully, us!) and let them know you want to get an appointment on the calendar. You will have a better idea of¬†exactly what look you are going for since you will already have most of the wedding details in the works. Your artist will be able to coordinate a date and time to dedicate to your beauty sesh!

ct wedding hair and make up

bridal trial hair and makeup tips

This is so important! Prepping your hair and skin as you would for your wedding is crucial for the best possible bridal trial. Maintain a consistent routine for at least two full weeks prior to your appointment. Your skin needs time to balance during your busy day, and rest at night. Make sure you are fully cleansing off your makeup at night and creating a soothing barrier of moisturizer to replenish skin cells. Always use an SPF during the day. If you already have a routine down, stick with it! Don’t introduce any new products or try and crazy peels before the appointment. This goes for your wedding, too! Any skin treatments should be done well enough advance that any irritation or adverse effects will be gone.

It’s a good time to schedule a hair appointment a couple weeks before both your trial and wedding. A fresh cut will leave your hair smooth and split-end free. Most importantly, your color will by vibrant and treated by your hairdresser, which is the best canvas for a hairstylist.

The day before your appointment get plenty of sleep and water! Eat your fruits and veggies! Make sure you drink at least 8 eight-ounce glasses of water so your skin is hydrated and smooth. Get a full 8 hours of sleep. You know the deal!


ct wedding hair and make up

bridal trial hair and makeup tips

Some inspiration! Let your artist know what you are envisioning. Our artists can work some serious magic. If you are looking at a particular style for hair, gather a variety of photos so your artist can see how they can work with your specific hair texture and length to create a similar look. Makeup inspiration photos are always helpful. Sometimes, we have different definitions of a smokey eye, for example. Show us how you want to look and we will have an initial conversation of what we feel will highlight your best features and what we can pull from the inspiration to match the look.

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ct wedding hair and make up

bridal trial hair and makeup tips

Don’t be shy! Our professional, expert team is here to put your mind at ease. We also have a whole archive of blogs that go over everything from lashes to airbrush makeup if you want to do some pre-trial research! We have so many options to customize your look from start to finish. Wondering what makeup is best for your skin? Curious how volume can be created in short hair? Our team of stylists and artists have years of experience in formal events and weddings. They can let you in on a couple tricks and give you suggestions on how to prep your hair & skin before the big day!


How You Should Feel!

The most important factor in your bridal trial. Leaving feeling like a million bucks even if you showed up in sweatpants is our goal as your wedding hair and makeup team. See how your hair and makeup look in the sunlight as opposed to the studio. Go about your day as usual and make sure you feel like the best version of yourself! Remember, your hair and makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty. Be open with how you are hoping to look with your beauty team and let their expertise create the best possible look for you!


Still looking for your perfect wedding day beauty team? Depending on your wedding date, we can often book a trial before you lock in your services. Click the button below to inquire!

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