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What to Do After You Get Engaged | Part 2

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March 4, 2020

To follow up on last week’s blog, we have more tips straight from our Wedding Planner colleagues on what to do after you get engaged. In this week’s blog, we pin down those MAJOR details that should be covered within the first couple weeks post-engagement. This will set you up for wedding planning success!

What to do after you get engaged

Pick a date

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Choosing a date should definitely be one of the first decisions you make. If you don’t already have a date in mind, start small. Narrow down which season, then which month, and then which day of the week you want your wedding to take place. Depending on where you want to get married, be flexible on a couple of weekends if you have your heart set on a popular venue that may be booked up but have availabilities on different dates!

Choose a Venue

You have the when… now the where. Take note from our tip above and don’t be afraid to go for your dream wedding venue… as long as you’re planning in advance and have flexibility. Also consider your budget in relation to the time of year you want to be married. Often, venues will discount their cost for off-season weekends and you can save a pretty penny. Either way, your venue is huge in the planning process. You will want to have a budget in mind and know how many guests you will be inviting. Take a tour of a couple venues before making a decision! You never know what perks may be offered by some places or how the flow from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception will go until you see it!

Create Your Guest List

This one is super important. As we just mentioned, you will need an approximate guest count to tell your venue when you got to book. Start small and branch out. Each of you should write down your immediate family, extended family, wedding party, close friends, and friends you want to invite and go from there. Then, create a second list of guests who you want to invite but are unlikely to be able to attend due to travel or other obligations so you have an approximation.

What to do after you get engaged

Plan an Engagement Party

Time to have some fun! Wedding planning isn’t all spreadsheets and reading reviews! After you are engaged, enlist your closest friends and family to help you put together an engagement party. This is the perfect time to get together with your loved ones to celebrate the good news. You can even announce your wedding party at this event! Grab some giant diamond ring balloons, some prosecco, and some appetizers and share the joy with friends and family before the real planning starts!

What to do after you get engaged

Hire Your Top Choice Vendors A Year in Advance (Before They Book Up!!)

Yes you read right, a year! Top vendors in the industry will easily book up a year or more in advance of a date. This means deposit, contract, locked in for that wedding. It is becoming a trend because of this to be engaged for a year and a half to two years to ensure your first choice vendors are booked for your wedding day.

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Kaitlin & Ryan at Valley View Farm
Hair: Carly & Kellie | Makeup: Liz & Pam – KiSSandMaKeUp
Photographer: Elizabeth Grant Photography
Dress: The Wedding Embassy
Jacket: The Native Bride
Veil: Lord and Grey Bridal
Catering: Cava Catering
Florals: Forget Me Not Florist

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