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What Is Micro-Blading?

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November 7, 2018

Micro-blading is becoming a trend, and for good reason. Girls who have barely-there brows can achieve the full, natural look without having to worry about retouching. No more sweating off pigment or overly dramatic crayon-like brows. Those of us who fell victim to over-plucking in our teenage years can rejoice. There is a professional, sanitary procedure that gives us our brows back! Never worry about a makeup meltdown at the pool again!

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What is Micro-Blading? Myths Vs. Facts


MYTH: It’s Just Like A Tattoo


Yes and no. Micro-blading gets its name from the small tool used in the procedure. An extremely small blade with layers of teeth is used to carefully implant pigment superficially into layers of skin to make it permanent. A micro-blading professional will carefully measure and outline the intended shape of the brows which can take longer than the procedure itself. Before passes of the blade, a topical numbing cream is introduced to minimize pain. Clients barely feel a thing! See up-close image below!

microblading tool


FACT: You Can’t Get Them Wet For Seven Days!


This one is true! Just like a normal tattoo, the pigment has to fully settle into the skin and water can counteract this process. A specific regimen of wiping down the brows for excess pigment and following with Aquafor will guarantee a clean healing process. Just like any wound, scabbing and itching may occur and will be minimal but may feel a little crazy considering where it is on your face! Avoiding sweating, immersing in water, and any products touching the area is crucial for optimal cleaning. After you leave the appointment it is your responsibility to maintain the brows while they heal.


MYTH: It Takes A While to Look “Normal”.


The recovery for this procedure is quick. Aside from some redness and swelling immediately after the appointment, you will love the look of the brows as soon as the following day. The eyebrows often darken during healing and then lighten over the next month as they fully heal.


FACT: You Get A Touch Up Appointment.


A one month touch-up appointment is necessary for the perfect results. This appointment is included in the price of micro-blading. The reason for this appointment is because of that darkening and lightening process the brows go through while they heal. It takes a month to see how the pigment settles and if any spots were missed. The brows can be darkened and filled in further during the second appointment to achieve the final look desired. The same healing process happens after the second appointment. A yearly touch up can be scheduled to maintain but is not always necessary.




Our micro-blading professional Bonne would be happy to give you a consultation if you are considering micro-blading. Want more images of the process/results? Check out our Instagram! For more information or to schedule an appointment click the button below!

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