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All About Investing In Our Traveling Hair and Makeup Team in CT


October 7, 2020

KiSSandMaKeUp is a traveling hair and makeup team in CT with over 13 years experience traveling to hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of brides in CT, the US, and beyond.  Your wedding day hair and makeup is one of the biggest investments you’ll make on your wedding day. Here’s why KiSSandMaKeUp is the best traveling hair and makeup team in CT.


5 reasons to invest in KiSSandMaKeUp:

1.   Gorgeous Wedding Photos

We want you to look flawless in the photos that you’re going to look back on for the rest of your life. (Not to mention all the money and time you’ve spent choosing your wedding photographer and videographer!) Choosing KiSSandMaKeUp ensures your makeup looks amazing both in person and on camera.

Your wedding is NOT the time to experiment with what looks best. Our artists have years of experience getting brides and clients camera-ready and know what looks best. We use high quality products and our years of expertise to make sure you don’t look washed out or “cake-faced.”

2.   Long-lasting Wear

Your wedding day is lengthy. And if you plan on breaking it down on the dance floor long into the night, you want your hair and makeup to last until after you’re tucked into your honeymoon suite! This isn’t our first rodeo – our CT hair and makeup team makes sure to use only long-lasting, high quality products that won’t leave you worried about smudged eyeliner, fading foundation, or limp hair. We know what works and what doesn’t.

3.   A Smooth Day-Of Timeline

When you invest in a higher end hair and makeup team, you’re paying for a higher level of professionalism, experience, and yes, timeliness. Our team members pride their selves in arriving early to make sure they are set up and ready to roll on time! We also work with you and your photographer and/or wedding coordinator to create a detailed beauty timeline. By the time your wedding day rolls around you won’t even need to look at the clock because we’ll have you covered. Speaking of time…

4. Save Yourself Time

Have you ever had to correct smudged eyeliner, smeared mascara, contouring that didn’t turn our quite right, or a lip color that was all wrong? (Of course you have!) A more experienced hair and makeup team like KiSSandMaKeUp can save you the time (and STRESS!) of mistakes like these on the morning of your wedding. We also use your bridal trial to ensure we know exactly what you want come wedding day, making things even more efficient and timely.

5. Look Like The BEST Version of Yourself

Our team uses their experience to accentuate your best features and play up your natural assets to make sure you look like the best version of YOU, not a totally different person. Do you have gorgeous eyes but hate your cheekbones? Our team knows which eyeshadow colors will make your eyes pop, and can highlight and contour to practically create cheekbones out of thin air! Have flat, straight hair and scared it won’t hold a curl during your beach-side nuptials? Our stylists work magic to give your hair volume and curl that lasts through the night.

While a lesser experienced hair and makeup team might not know what works in all of these areas, investing in KiSSandMaKeUp means we take care of all the details for you to make certain you look perfect on your wedding day!