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The Dry Run for Wedding Photographers and Stylists


March 23, 2017

Going through a dry run with your stylist, makeup, and photographer before the wedding can make sure that everything is perfect on your wedding day. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and this is true for your stylis, makeup artist and photographer as well. They want to make sure that they know exactly what you want on your wedding day so you don’t end up disappointed.

If the first time your stylist, photographer, and makeup artist perform are on the day of your wedding, chances are much greater that something could go wrong, or that you aren’t happy with the results. It’s always a good idea to schedule time(s) days or weeks before the wedding with these people so that you can work out any kinks or small details that might be important.

The Stylist and Makeup Artist

Your hair stylist and makeup artist are probably the two most important people responsible for your overall look on your wedding day. Outside of your wedding dress, your stylist and makeup artist will be creating your bridal look that is so important to you.

It is always convenient when your hair stylist and makeup artist are either the same person, or work together. This way, you can schedule a single time to get them together to collaborate on a look that works best for you. It can be difficult to really picture how your look will come together if you just have the hair without makeup, or the makeup without your hair styled. If the two are unable to schedule at the same time, try to at least schedule them on the same day, as your makeup or hair will keep for the day.

One of the best – and the most fun – reasons to schedule trial runs with your stylist and makeup artist is to experiment with different styles, colors, and looks! This can be really fun, and help you narrow in on the look that is perfect for you.

The Photographer

Similar to a stylist, a photographer will be able to capture your wedding photos much more effectively if they have some experience photographing you as a couple.

If you have a favorite photographer picked out well before the wedding, it can be extremely advantageous to use this photographer for your engagement photos. Of course, this may not always be possible because this requires a lot of preparation and planning, but using the same photographer for engagement photos gives your photographer a chance to get more comfortable with you, your partner, and your quirks.

Maybe you aren’t an overachiever and you don’t have the same photographer for your wedding photos as you do your engagement photos. That’s okay! You should still try to schedule a time in the weeks or months prior to just do a standard photo shoot with your photographer as a couple. Not only does this give your photographer a good feel for you as a couple, but it gives you the opportunity to talk with them in depth about any unique or creative ideas that you may have that aren’t part of the standard bevy of wedding photographs.

Every chance you get to spend time with your photographer, stylist, and makeup artist before the wedding (time and budget permitting of course) you should take it! This will only ensure that your photographer will be more in tune with you as a couple, and will be able to capture better wedding photos when the big day comes, and that your hair and makeup will look as perfect as you imagined in these photos!

Ryan Maestro is a professional wedding photographer for Green Path Creative who specializes in vintage and classic photography and videography for couples. To view some of Ryan’s wedding photography, please visit

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