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Sweating for the Wedding | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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August 8, 2018

Wedding workouts! Every bride reaches the moment where a little workout may be needed to feel confident for the wedding. We have all heard the “Sweating for the Wedding” catch phrase. No need for a full transformation! Just keep yourself active and healthy before the big day. We put together some of our tips on how to workout before the wedding so you feel your best!


wedding workouts


Start Stretching

Getting into a routine of stretching in the morning or evening will benefit you greatly. Not only will this make you feel more agile and limber in your day-to-day, but your dancing feet will be ready to groove come wedding time! The best part is you can integrate a routine right at home. Starting every day with some light yoga poses or toe touches will make a bigger difference than you may think! Your muscles will thank you for the preparation when you are moving around all day!


wedding workouts


bridal workout

Include Your Bridesmaids

Get your bride tribe involved! Ask your girls to join a work out class with you to tone for the wedding. The group activity will bring you closer together and add some pre-wedding memories you can laugh about! Your bridal party will be feeling their best and so will you. If coordinating a formal class is tough, you can create your own workout routine on your own time at your house. There are so many great workout videos that can be purchased or found for free online!


wedding workouts


Set Your Goals

No matter what your overall goal is for your wedding, make sure you keep yourself accountable. Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds, tone up, or just become more active, jot down what your end result should be. Make sure you are hitting goals daily and weekly so you feel progress. Once you have determined what you want your end result to be, figure out what system will work best for you. For example if you are going to get a personal trainer or maintain a regular gym routine on your own. Positive intention and accountability are key!

wedding workout


No matter your end goal – just get motivated! Being active for at least 30 minutes a day is key to a healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing. Your mood will be elevated and you’ll be constantly improving your stamina. When your wedding day arrives, you’ll be happy you got yourself moving when you’re up early for hair and makeup and still want to boogie down by reception time!

What’s your workout routine like? What are some pre-wedding prep tips you want us to cover in our next blog? Comment below!!

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