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Rhymes With Sky Photography | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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April 4, 2018

Your  photographer makes our hair and makeup shine! We get to work with so many amazing photographers in this industry from boudoir, to engagement shoots, and the big wedding day. They capture all those small details and highlight how gorgeous you look from head to toe.
Recently, we started a new workshop project called “Bare & Beautiful”. We have been highlighting the amazing team behind this workshop. Focusing on self-care and the perception we have about ourselves, we want to change the way we define beautiful. Learning to love ourselves both with and without make up is important. Part of this project will include a before photo of full face makeup and an after when we bare it all make up free. We want to share some information about Rhymes With Sky Photography and the face behind the camera, Leigha.
rhymes with sky photography
What is your inspiration in being a part of these upcoming workshops?
I personally struggled with self image/body image issues well into my 30s. Relatives who shall remain nameless focused on my appearance, and never my achievements. If someone liked me- it was because of my “big boobs”. If I was having trouble making friends, I should “dress nicer”. The tiniest bit of cellulite on my 12 year old legs was free game for conversation. I carried that negative mindset on into adulthood, and it caused me a lot of shame and wasted time. Instead of growing as a person, I spent years trying to be what I thought other people wanted. I finally stumbled across the body positive movement a few years ago, and it changed my life.
ct wedding hair and make up

“My goal is for women to leave this workshop with renewed confidence, and the tools to build a beautiful mindset. In a society that focuses so much on a singular and narrowly defined idea of beauty, it is important to tear down the notion that we need to mold ourselves into that box.”

ct wedding hair and make up
rhymes with sky photography

 How do you want to utilize photography for self-love?
As a professional photographer, I often hear women talk critically about themselves and see some clients struggle through the same things I struggled with. I wanted to do something to show them their true beauty and pass along some of the confidence I had gained.
What’s next?
We have been coming up with some future workshops that will address feeling beautiful with and without makeup. We have some strong, powerful ladies behind the scenes here always brainstorming some amazing ideas. The workshops will take place Winter 2018!

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