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Pinterest Wedding Inspiration: Dos and don’ts

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May 22, 2019

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Pinterest is a huge asset to wedding planning! You can find so much inspiration for your big day. We are so excited to announce the complete overhaul of our Pinterest page! Our new bridal coordinator Randi has been working hard to showcase all our artists’ best work on our Pinterest page. We are now featuring some current promotions and SO MUCH amazing wedding inspiration. Are you unsure of what type of look you want for your special day? We have so many amazing professional photos of REAL brides for you on our Pinterest! More added every day! The question is, what should you seek out on Pinterest and what may steer you in the wrong direction? We have perspectives from both wedding planning and bridal beauty to help you out with Pinterest Wedding Inspiration tips!

kissandmakeupct pinterest

DO: Seek Inspiration for your Bridal Hair and Makeup!

That’s what Pinterest is for! We have revamped our Pinterest page to reflect the most desired styles. We organized our boards to show you categories for easy access to different inspirations! Search through real KiSSandMaKeUp clients, follow boards that match your style, or browse what we offer! We are constantly adding photos. It is your hub for everything you need to know about KiSSandMaKeUp!

kissandmakeupct pinterest

DON’T: Expect to replicate a look exactly

It is always important to keep in mind everyone’s hair and skin is different. Often, full volume looks may incorporate hair extensions or the client may have naturally thick hair. The makeup application that looks good on one bride may not complement your skin tone. Our professional team of artists can absolutely re-create a look in a way that works for you! They may explain a different way to go about the look so it will look stunning with your features, gown, accessories, and hair color. Every bride is different, your bridal look should be customized to you, too!

DO: Find styles for your wedding decor

If you’re stuck on a theme or style, Pinterest is definitely the place to go. You can scroll through endless photo inspiration and theme styles. Just type in a couple keywords in the search bar of the general aesthetic you’re thinking of and go on a journey! With so many collaborations of wedding industry professionals, you can see real weddings, styled shoots, and how different details can all come together. Search for uplighting, table set up, and florals to get you started! Try adding in a word from your personal style if you are unsure what exactly you are looking for such as boho or glam!

DON’T: Rely on a styled shoot image to recreate 100%

An important thing to keep in mind is that not all weddings are created equal. Often, styled shoots are put together by wedding planners and wedding industry professionals to show just one table perfectly decorated. That one table could break your budget when multiplied by all the other tables you are going to need to seat all your guests! Some tables can be priced into the thousands. Consider taking inspiration but then adapting the style to your wedding budget. You may have to consult a wedding planner for tips on how to get the same look for less. Flexibility is key!

DO: Have fun with gift ideas!

We love searching for wedding gift inspiration on Pinterest, too! Think about gifts for your bridesmaids, family, and new groom. Look for creative ideas to put together wedding party survival kits with water, Aspirin, emergency items like bobby pins and band-aids. Find fun ways to package gifts to make your most special people feel like they are appreciated!

DON’T: Be swayed by dated links & trends

Nothing is deleted on the internet. That means some trends and linked items you find on Pinterest may be outdated. Make sure you are looking at the source of your inspiration. Click through links may be for venues all over the world and trends that fizzled out years ago. Again, it’s perfect for inspiration, but be wary of when these trends are from! Consulting a wedding planner is always beneficial to know what is relevant and possible to achieve with your real life wedding.

kissandmakeupct pinterest

DO & DON’T: Take on DIY projects

This is a hard one because we love DIY but you have to be careful. A great project is to learn calligraphy or take on a craft project you can incorporate into your decor. A huge tip we have for you is to not take on anything too big. Even if you have the time, DIY projects can get costly and may not come out how you want. If you’re relying on DIY for a big piece of your wedding, make sure you set out reasonable goals and a timeline in case you need to get more materials or scrap the idea all together.

What are you waiting for! You have got to check out our KiSSandMaKeUp Pinterest Page! We have so much exciting inspiration waiting for you! Our new Trial To Aisle beauty package is being promoted on our Pinterest right now! Learn more by clicking the button below!

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