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New Year Beauty Resolutions

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January 1, 2020

New year, new beauty resolutions! Ditch any bad habits and start 2020 out with fresh, glowing skin and a flawless beauty routine. What resolutions are we aiming for this year? We have tips on what New Year Beauty Resolutions you should stick to!

SPF Daily + Hydration

This is always our biggest skin care tip and in 2020 we are making it our resolution to stick to it! Even though the sun seems to be hiding, UV rays are still just as prevalent in the winter as the summer. Furthermore, the cold air hitting our sensitive skin is extremely drying and can lead to dullness. Make sure you are using a daily moisturizer that includes SPF. Our #1 New Year Resolution is to drink more water! Not only will you feel great, your skin will glow! You can easily avoid a lot of dryness during the winter by drinking plenty of water.

Nourish Your Hair

Good hair treatment goes a long way. Nourish your locks with a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Our hairstylist recommend skipping the shampoo daily and replacing your hair routine with a quality dry shampoo at least every other day. This will maintain your hair color, reduce breakage, and promote all-over shine and bounce. You will be surprised that you will have MORE volume by skipping the wash and using a dry shampoo! Find a day of the week where you can put on a deep conditioning hair mask to add some extra hydration in this cold weather.

new year beauty resolutions

Pamper & Replenish

One of our New Year resolutions is to have a spa night weekly. We believe strongly in self-care. Having a quiet time to yourself to pamper and replenish is good for your skin and your spirit. During this time, you may want to meditate or even just catch up on a hobby you typically don’t have time for. We love to take a hot shower, put on a sheet mask, and curl up with a good book for a little while to unwind and reconnect with ourselves. It is especially important while it is cold out and dark early to find time to spend with the most important person: YOU!

Trend Watch 2020

We love new beauty trends! Every year brings out new products, trends, and styles. Our biggest beauty trend resolution is to be selective on the trends we try! Not every trend is going to work for you and often can clutter your makeup bag and hurt your wallet. Try out trends that fit in with your current beauty routine and fashion choices. If you aren’t typically someone to try a bold lip.. don’t go for the black lipstick! Ease into trends with variations that feel more natural or try a dupe product before splurging on something pricey that you may never use. We have plenty of products we have only touched once! It’s all about what fits into your current lifestyle!

Start your New Year Resolutions out right by beginning with a good foundation. Step into our spa room for the ultimate relaxation and leave with soft, glowing skin that will allow you to maintain a skin care routine. Get tips from our estheticians and product recommendations for your specific skin type.

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