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Meet Our Newest Esthetician, Amanda!

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December 12, 2018

Meet Our Newest Esthetician, Amanda!

esthetician amanda

“I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry from a young age. My mother was a cosmetologist and as I grew up, she taught me her techniques.

Years later, after becoming a mom of 3, I was able to focus on myself and embarked on my career to become an esthetician. I studied at Asnuntuck and learned about the importance of skin care and how to help others within the beauty industry. I realized it was my calling! I take great passion in making people feel good. Facials, body treatments and waxing are all beneficial to feeling cleansed and confident.

My main goal is to show each one of my clients the experience of skin care. When I provide a service, I want to listen to every client on why they are seeing me and how I can help them. I want them to leave feeling positive, relaxed, and confident in their beauty!”

Blogging has perks! What I love about being a part of KiSSandMaKeUp is the variety of talent this company has to offer. Beyond the award winning bridal hair and makeup team, services include microblading, Xtreme eyelash extensions, waxing, and facials. We want to introduce you to one of our estheticians, Amanda. Cue in my excuse to get myself a facial! I was so excited to meet Amanda and have a relaxing facial before the holidays. Let me tell you from a first-hand perspective what to expect!

My experience was relaxing from start to finish. I’ll be honest, my skin has been so dry from the colder weather, I was definitely nervous. Amanda greeted me as I entered the studio and showed me to the spa area. We went over a form that helped her understand what factors may influence my skin so she could give me the best results. I was so ready to relax.

With soothing white noise in the background, Amanda let me know she was going to prep my skin and then take a look at what products would work best. It made me comfortable to have her really evaluate my skin and then let me know how the facial would go from there. Yup, I needed this! Amanda created more of an experience than just a facial. Her techniques included a face massage to stimulate cell growth and collagen. During a mask, she offered a shoulder and neck massage which is exactly where I hold all my tension. I felt all the tightness in my skin and my muscles release.


Utilizing steam, Amanda took the time to extract any impurities on my skin. A final application of toner and moisturizer and I was done. She recommended to sit up slow and drink plenty of water to flush out impurities that had been worked out with the facial. I looked in the mirror and immediately saw a difference. When I entered the studio, I had red cheeks, several lingering blemishes, and dry skin. My face was glowing! I felt plump and moisturized. My skin has never looked so even toned! I was absolutely amazed and all of the stress tension gone. I could not thank Amanda enough!

A couple hours later and I’m still feeling the positive effects. I opened my laptop clear headed and focused! I can’t believe how soft my skin is! I will absolutely be recommending the facial services at KiSSandMaKeUp and giving out gift cards to my friends and family!

NextDay Update! I woke up blemish free, significantly reduced redness, and my skin is still so hydrated! I cannot wait for my next facial with Amanda!

What are you waiting for? Book your facial with our talented estheticians to be your best self for the holidays and New Year!

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