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How To Take A Flawless Wedding Photograph | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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June 13, 2018

Make Your Memories Flawless!

You have put so much into your big day. The flowers are perfect, the band sounds magical, your dress makes everyone swoon. Make sure these memories are as flawless as you are on your wedding day. Your photographer will be snapping photos throughout the event, but often, posing can come as forced. These photographs are going to be the album you show friends and family for years to come. Make sure you take a flawless photograph every time with our tips!


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ct wedding hair and make up

The Tongue Trick

Celebrities swear by this method to eliminate any appearance of a double chin. Yes, it works! Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth or directly behind your teeth for an elongated look. It may feel a little awkward, but you will be posing for many portrait type shots at your wedding and it makes a big difference. This trick also forces your smile to look more natural believe it or not!


ct wedding hair and make up

Angles Are Everything

Any photo where you are looking straightforward may remind you of a deer in headlights. Angles make all the difference! Tilting your head slightly to the side and either up or down creates a clean jawline and eliminate unflattering shadows. Guess what? You don’t need to look directly at the camera either. Look slightly above the camera for that soft “Oh didn’t see you there” look.

bridal pose wedding photography

Photo Credit: Eric Foley / Gershon Fox Ballroom / Lauren O & Co

ct wedding hair and make up

Body Language

Pay attention to what the rest of your body is doing in photos. This goes for you and your entire bridal party! Posing says a lot about your attitude and demeanor. Avoid crossed arms, arms on hips, and flat facing forward poses. These all create unflattering angles for your arms and torso and often translate as stiff in photography. Look at where you are positioned in relation to everyone around you. Tiling a shoulder forward can make a huge difference. Try angling your body slightly and leaning into the person nearest to you for a free-flowing natural pose.

Photo Credit: Greg Moss Photography

ct wedding hair and make up


There is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing in front of a mirror. Practice your smile and different angles until you find one that feels natural. Bonus points if you enlist a friend to take a couple of pictures of you so you can see how your poses and smiles translate onto the camera. You’ll be ready to go and worry-free when it comes to taking portraits and pictures throughout your wedding!

ct wedding hair and make up

Make sure your wedding makeup translates flawlessly onto your wedding photograph as well! We always say flawless long lasting makeup is insurance for your photographer investment. In case you missed last week’s blog, learn about how airbrush makeup gives you that photoshopped look in real life! Click through here to read more!


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