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Holiday Travel Tips

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November 20, 2019

Jet-set in style! Traveling down the street or across the world for Thanksgiving? Pack some essentials and you will be thanking yourself! Our holiday travel tips will make your day (or week!) a little less stressful.

Versatile Make Up Remover

Just because your busy doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin care routine. The most important thing you can remember while traveling or bustling about for the holidays is to be mindful of your skin. Always remove your makeup before bed even if you’re staying at a friend’s or relative’s house. An easy way to wash it all off at the end of the day is by using a product like The Original Makeup Eraser. With a little warm water, this miracle cloth will take off a day’s worth of makeup for a fresh face. If you’re a little more on the go and need something quick and disposable, Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes are hypoallergenic so they are safe for all skin types and for removing makeup. They’re packed with a mild combination of aloe, green tea, and cucumber for a duo wipe that takes off makeup and cleanses skin simultaneously.

Travel Cubes/Toiletry Organizer

Packing the essentials is one thing.. but keeping everything organized as you travel is a whole different challenge! Consider purchasing travel cubes (available here on Amazon) for packing everything you need into your suitcase. Not only do these nifty cubes keep everything organized within your luggage, it will maximize the space so you can fit every last “but what if I need this..” item! It’s great to keep things like undergarments, clothing, and cosmetics all separate in case anything spills. It also makes packing up to go home a breeze! We pair our cubes with a toiletry organizer that can be easily unzipped and hung up in a bathroom for easy access to all your toiletries, jewelry, and makeup! Check out a couple here!

All In One Moisturizer

Pack smarter, not harder! Choose a moisturizer that does it all! When you travel, the air changes, altitude changes, and overall dress can make your skin dried out or flare up. Choose a moisturizer that has SPF and caters to your specific skin issues for that double action effect. A two-in-one product will save space in your bag and keep you protected from the sun and soothed from the elements.

Essential Oils for Relaxation

Essential oils are popular for meditation and relaxation. It is important while traveling for holidays to take some time to yourself to find your inner zen and take a couple deep breaths. Try keeping a satchel of lavender in your luggage to keep your clothes fresh and to keep by your pillow at night. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are great for clearing your breathing for increased oxygen and blood flow!

The Perfect Red Lip

Any holiday look is instantly complete with a red lip! If you’re not sure what makeup to pack or aren’t used to wearing a lot, throwing a signature red lip color in your bag will add a little holiday cheer to any outfit. We are obsessed with the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint that truly does complement every skin tone. It is easy to apply and lasts through drinks and appetizers.

holiday travel tips
Makeup by Christine

When In Doubt.. Add Glitter!

Glitter completes all looks, in our opinion! Go all out with a glitter lid or keep it subtle like this winged liner and glitter accent. To create: try Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter liner for that precise line and pop of sparkles! Perfect for any holiday and available in a variety of stunning colors!

Autumn Hair and Makeup Trends

Home for the holidays and looking for some extra glamor for your holiday party or friendsgiving? You can come right to our studio and book an artist from our team for your hair and makeup! Go GLAM this holiday season with KiSSandMaKeUp!

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