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Fall Beauty Tips | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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September 20, 2017

ct wedding hair and makeup fall beauty tips

We are currently in season limbo. It’s that time of year when you leave for work in a sweatshirt, peel off layers all day and by the time 5 PM rolls around, you are in shorts and a t-shirt again. Summer is hanging on for dear life while Fall is breaking the door down. This weather limbo can be a nightmare for your wardrobes and your hair and makeup routines.


1. Moisturize, exfoliate and protect.

You’ve only got one face, so you should do all that you can to keep it glowing and wrinkle-free. Don’t wait for the winter, start your face routine now and get ahead of Jack Frost and his nose nipping.¬†It is important to cleanse, exfoliate (occasionally) and moisturize daily.

Colder air holds less moisture and can come as quite a shock to your summer skin leaving it looking dry and cracked, so moisturizing is important. Be sure to grab a softer moisturizer for your under eye area as well.

Do some research, come up with a skincare routine that works for your schedule and your skin type and stick to it- you won’t regret it. This is especially important for a winter bride since you will want to look your best in your photos. Start with a routine now and come winter, your skin will be glowing just like it did all summer long.


Bonus: Don’t forget SPF.

Just because you can’t feel it, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still doing it job. While it may be approaching 60’s weather, the sun still shines. It is important to make sure that your moisturizer contains SPF, even in the fall and winter months. Your 55 year old self will thank you for it.

ct wedding hair and makeup fall beauty tips

2. Switch to creme based makeup.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen makeup look cakey. Well, if you take dry skin and add powder makeup, a caked on look is more likely to happen. Plus, your skin can get dry enough on its own as the seasons play their tug of war, don’t help it look even drier by using powder-based makeup. Ditch the powder and join team creme for a few months. Creme blush, creme bronzer, creme everything! Creme blushes and highlighters give your weather baring skin a healthy dose hydrating color.


3. Fall cleaning of your makeup kit.

You should go through and clean out your makeup kit at least every 6 months. We find that it is easy to remember if you tie it to season changes. Spring and Fall cleaning! You can tell when your makeup expires by looking for the little logo of an open container with a number (shown below) on your product. Pro tip- It can be difficult to remember when you opened a foundation, so we will often write the date it was opened next to the expiration date so we can remember. Time flies, and you never want to admit it when it comes to throwing away your favorite lip shade- this technique helps you remember and keeps you honest!

Getting rid of expired makeup is important. Not only do these products no longer perform at their potential once expired, but there are also ingredients in some products that should not be used past its shelf life. Cleaning out your kit isn’t so bad! It makes space and gives you the perfect excuse to take a trip to Sephora!

ct wedding hair and makeup fall beauty tips


Our artists have lots of little tricks to keep you looking fabulous every season, all year long. Want one on one attention? We offer private makeup lessons! Also keep an eye out for our FALL INTO BEAUTY workshop, more details coming soon. Stay tuned for future blogs about more beauty hacks, tips, and tricks. What are some of your favorite Fall makeup tips? We’d love to hear them!


Looking for some more makeup tips? If you like our blog, you will love this one by Karen Reed at Positive Heath Wellness too! Click here to read Karen’s 5 Makeup Tips You Need Before Going Out.¬†* Check it out and let us know what you think!


*these are not the thoughts, ideas or suggestions of KiSSandMaKeUp but rather the thoughts, opinions and suggestions of a completely separate beauty blog.*


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