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Carrie Whelan Designs | Bridal Hair Accessories at KiSSandMaKeUp

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November 4, 2020

Accessories are a girl’s best friend – especially when it comes to your bridal look! That’s why we carry a selection of bridal hair accessories at KiSSandMaKeUp. One of our favorite lines is by Carrie Whelan Designs! Her designs will help you flaunt that gorgeous bridal hairstyle and add some extra glam.

We got to learn more about what inspired Carrie to create her fabulous line of accessories:

Q: What inspired you to start Carrie Whelan Designs?

I was inspired to start designing jewelry after my pursuit of jewelry for my own wedding. I wanted special gifts to give my bridesmaids as both something they could wear the day of the wedding and also love wearing again. I was a busy graduate student, overwhelmed by the choices in a local bead shop, so I had jewelry designed by a local artist. 

Shortly after my wedding, I took one beading class and my passion for design was ignited. I’ve since taught myself new techniques and eventually added hair accessories to my collection. 

Q: What is your favorite part about weddings?

I started my business based on the belief that jewelry should be versatile, not just worn once and stored away. As I wanted for my own wedding, I design so that brides can have unique accessories that add their personal style to their wedding day, but can also be worn again and again. 

I believe they can relive the memory of a day that passes far too quickly when they wear their wedding day jewelry again. The same is true of my hair accessories – some are simple pins that can be worn to other special events, while others are such obviously BRIDAL statements, that they can be passed on to other special ladies getting married. I love being a part of making such beautiful, lasting memories. 

Q: Advice to an aspiring business owner?

I would tell anyone that wants to start a business to just get started, even if they don’t have a lot of time. If I waited till I had “enough time” it would never have happened. I work whenever I can find minutes, built my website when my kids were napping babies, joined a showroom when the opportunity arose –  all before I felt ready. All the small steps created the necessary foundation for a small business. 

Q: What is your overall goal/mission?

My goal is to build a brand that women turn to for their jewelry ‘staples’. The pieces they love to wear daily, give as gifts to the special women in their life, and wear for their most precious moments. I want my brand to feel like a welcoming place for all women, never exclusive. 

Q: How do you hope to inspire others?

I hope to inspire others to recognize their creative gifts and use them to make their own life beautiful or to start a business and share their talents with the world. I wish I’d valued my design ability sooner in life; recognized it as a gift from God and pursued it as a career sooner.