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Bridal Show Checklist

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September 26, 2019

Bridal show season is here! Whether you recently got engaged or are now finalizing the details for your big day, bridal shows have big benefits if you want to take the time to attend! We have some tips straight from a wedding planner to highlight what you should focus on and what you should avoid when attending a bridal show. Michelle from Lauren O & Co has the scoop!

Bridal shows are a unique way to meeting potential wedding vendors and get inspiration. A bridal show is a collaboration of all types of wedding vendors: DJs, Hair and Makeup Teams, Videographers, Photographers, Designers, Florists, Bakers, Caterers, and so much more! As you navigate through, they will all be vying for your attention and will have plenty of marketing material and giveaways to hand out. How do you take away the most from your experience?

Before The Show

You’re going to be added to an email list so we recommend having a dedicated wedding planning email address for all the information you’re going to receive. You will also want to sign up for giveaways as you pass through different booths so have it memorized so you can maximize what you get out of the show! You can win services and vacations! This is a great way to get some freebies.

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Go In With A Plan

Did we mention there’s going to be a WHOLE BUNCH of vendors? A lot of them offering the same service? Have a game plan of what you are truly looking for when you go and who you just want to take a look at for fun. Many vendors will have incentives if you book their services from the bridal show. You definitely want to take advantage of the specials they offer if you are looking for someone in particular. Collect the materials at their booth and be ready to follow up referencing the show. You may even be able to book them right then and there! What a relief!

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Evergreen Weddings

Allow Yourself Inspiration

It’s ok if you’re just going to see what it’s all about. Try the cake samples, have your makeup done, watch the promo reel from the videographer, sign up for all the giveaways! You can go to a bridal show strictly for inspiration. If you haven’t booked any vendors, take your time while talking to each booth to see if that conversation clicks for you, but don’t feel obligated to make any quick decisions. If you already have your vendors but just want to take a look around, that’s ok too!

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A bridal show is essentially a big room filled with some dedicated, professional vendors. No one just shows up at a bridal show. Every representative is taking their time to show you what they offer and have an in-person conversation with you. Avoid the back and forth on the phone or the hours scrolling through wedding wire and opt for the personalized interaction if you have the time! There are also many shows that come around, so you’ll always have an opportunity to check one out!

We are so busy working on our new storefront in West Hartford we will not be attending the Bridal Show at the XL Center this upcoming Sunday, September 29, 2019. We will be hosting upcoming events and an open house when everything is completed. However, don’t miss out on your opportunity to jump into a bridal show!

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