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Bridal Emergency Kit 101

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March 7, 2019

You may have heard about a bridal emergency kit: that goodie bag of items that you absolutely must have on your wedding day in case something goes wrong. What exactly should be included?

Bridal Emergency Kit 101

Setting Powder
An absolute essential for a busy day! No matter how perfect your makeup application may be, a little shine is inevitable. Make sure your emergency kit is stocked with some setting powder to combat any oil or shininess that may emerge while running from ceremony to reception!

Bridal Emergency Kit 101

Nail Kit
Your wedding day is no time for a hangnail. Having one of these pocket-size rescue kits gives you a set of tools to avoid any manicure disaster. Another tip: if you have gel or acrylic nails always make sure you have nail glue handy!

Sewing Kit
Fabric mishaps HAPPEN! I have seen a bride’s train get stepped on and need some EMERGENCY TLC! Avoid any fabric pulls or accidents by having a mini sewing kit on deck in case of the worst case scenario. These little kits also will include buttons, safety pins, and tweezers in case any fabric mishaps come your way!

Bridal Emergency Kit 101

Breath Freshener
You are going to be mingling with everyone at your wedding, make sure your breath is fresh! With music and talking, you’ll find yourself getting up close with your guests as you make rounds talking and thanking them. With snacks and drinks in the mix, keep yourself fresh throughout the day!

Bridal Emergency Kit 101

A must have. We carry around hairspray on a daily basis. Your wedding should be no different! Tame flyaways or fix your mane after hitting the dance floor. Having a travel size version of your favorite hairspray will keep your style through the whole day and freshen your locks with a quick spritz!

Another travel sized must-have. When you make your way to the bridal suite before your reception, there are a couple of “freshen up” steps you should check off. The average bride begins hair and makeup at 8 AM. We have been at the bride’s hotel room as early as 5 AM! Make sure mid-day you can keep throwing your arms up on the dance floor and stretching wide for hugs with your family and friends.

Advil & Tums
A headache or stomach-ache can unravel your whole day. Your wedding is definitely not the day to have your body acting up on you! Have some pain reliever and antacids available in your bridal suite in case the food or drink doesn’t settle right. With so much to do in one day, keeping a clear head will keep you feeling stress-free and enjoying every moment. Likewise, have these on hand for the morning after to cure any post-wedding ailments!

Bridal Emergency Kit 101

Fashion Tape
Fabric faux pas no more! Fashion tape is the secret weapon to many gowns and dresses. In case something doesn’t lay right when you and your girls get dressed, having fashion tape available could be the simple solution to an otherwise stressful situation. You want your bridal party to look red-carpet ready– this is one of their biggest tricks to photographing perfectly!

Bridal Emergency Kit 101

Heel Guard
Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy dancing with PAINFUL shoes! It happens! Most brides and bridesmaid choose to purchase new shoes for the big day. Guess what? That means shoes that have not been broken in yet! Pick up a couple packs of these gel cushion heel guards. They can be slipped in the back of most heels to soften those rough edges that cause blisters and discomfort. They are also perfect for those shoes that are just slightly too big, providing soft padding that makes them the perfect fit!

A great way to incorporate all these must have items is into your bridesmaid gift bags. Make sure you have emergency kit items stocked so they are on hand from start to finish on your wedding day. It’s also a great idea to arrange bathroom baskets with similar items to help out your guests! We love that Etsy has pre-made emergency kit bags in case you don’t have time to go shopping for every item. Make sure your emergency kit contains all the items above, and always have water bottles on hand to stay hydrating the night before, the day of your wedding, and especially the following day! For the premade set of items in the image above click here!

Your hair and makeup artists can recommend beauty products to throw into your emergency kit that will keep you fresh and glowing on your wedding day!

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