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January 17, 2018


We love Boudoir! There is an amazing confidence and power in boudoir photos. Getting totally glammed and primped brings out our inner female roar. In light of a Boudoir event we are providing hair and makeup for on January 20th, we are highlighting some of the photographers that make the magic happen!

What is Boudoir?

Empowerment. Glamour. Confidence. Wear as little or as much as you feel comfortable in. Our team of artists love the bold look. It is common for the bride-to-be to give boudoir photos to her groom as a wedding day present. We say, it’s perfectly fine to take them for yourself, too!

Originating from the French word “boudeur” meaning sulky, these intimate shoots typically take place in a soft setting, such as a couch or bedroom. Poses are much more relaxed and the angles of the photo are meant to exude seduction.

ct wedding hair and make up

alison marie photography



Alison Marie Photography is a Western MA boudoir photographer offering boudoir sessions in our Southwick MA photography studio.


ct wedding hair and make up


Join the VIP private group to view portfolio’s of boudoir photography.

I take client privacy very seriously, so I do not typically promote on my regular photography FB Page. In the private group, clients can share their experiences, see my boudoir work, and chat with past clients.
I welcome you to the private group for my awesome brides, their besties and all my favorite boss ladies! This is a place for us to share, support and generally be the amazing women we are.
You can participate in group discussions and polls if you’d like, or just enjoy the camaraderie! Either way, we appreciate you and can’t wait to hear from you!”
To Join: Follow this link (or click photo set below) & upon approval you will have full access to view photos, chat, and share!

Rhymes With Sky Photography Boudoir


ct wedding hair and make up


Candace Jeffery Photography Website

Candace Jeffery Photography Facebook


Candace Jeffery Boudoir Photography


ct wedding hair and make up




Simply K Studios Website


CT Boudoir Photography CT Wedding Hair and Make Up

ct wedding hair and make up


capture photography

CapturePhotographyBoudoir CapturePhotographyBoudoir


A Capture Boudoir session is like no other, I take great pride in getting to know my clients really well prior to the shoot. I have “discovery calls,” with all participants to find out their WHY. Their why is the reason this type of shoot would have an impact on their life. Once I find out what is important to them and why- the shoot becomes truly authentic while being fun, sexy and intimate.
What can you expect? Clients come in for hair and makeup while sipping champagne, then I’ll style them based on what they brought in, we have the shoot which always ends up in a bathtub! The best part is within an hour of when the shoot has ended, clients see their photographs on a big screen in a cinematic presentation where they pick out the photographs they love to have as albums or wall art- either way it’s a product for them to love on every single day and to be constantly reminded of their why.
I shoot boudoir in my home studio every Monday and Tuesday, check us out on instagram or facebook for more info!
CapturePhotographyBoudoir CapturePhotographyBoudoir

Instagram- @Capture_Photography


ct wedding hair and make up


Michelle Wade Photography


Michelle Wade Photography Boudoir Michelle Wade Photography Budoir

Michelle Wade Photography Facebook

Michelle Wade Photography Website


ct wedding hair and make up


Boudoir is a way to take charge over the way your beauty is portrayed.

We love teasing hair a little extra. The lashes, the lipstick, and the eyeliner get an extra va-voom for these looks. The exaggeration of hair and make up make these photoshoots extra fun for our artists, and empowering for our clients.

Check out OUR gallery of boudoir looks!




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