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Body Cavitation in West Hartford


January 13, 2021

Body Cavitation in West Hartford? We are now booking clients for this magical specialty service to treat all of those troublesome areas at KiSSandMaKeUp! Book Your Appointment.

Our 2 week quarantine estimate in March turned into almost a YEAR, which left a lot of us with a little more fat and cellulite than we had before. No shame – we’re all beautiful at every size and shape! But sometimes weight gain and cellulite can lead to discomfort and causing our clothes to fit a little tighter than we’d prefer. Body cavitation is a technique of fat reduction that uses ultrasound technology to target specific areas of the body. The best part is that it’s effective AND completely non-invasive. No needles or surgery!

Sessions usually take less than an hour, and there are no side effects, no pain, and no recovery time needed. The best part? Each treatment will leave you 1-4 cm smaller!

How does it work?

“An ultrasound device similar to that used in pregnancy scans is applied to the targeted area, along with a specially designed cream. This device transmits concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy that target and destroy subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membrane. The fat is then dispersed into surrounding cells and recycled into proteins and glycerol.” Source: Slim Spa

You’ll want to schedule at least 2-3 treatments to really see results, but you should notice a difference after just one treatment!

What does it feel like?

It’s a little warm, and feels more like a massage than a a fat-reducing service. Some portions of the treatment might feel a little strange but nothing painful. You’ll want to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated after your treatment!

Aftercare for body cavitation is so important to continue to eliminate the fat cells and toxins. You’ll probably notice that your jeans are noticeably less snug, especially if you continue hydrating and doing some light exercise.

Now booking body cavitation appointments in West Hartford at KiSSandMaKeUp!

Body cavitation before and afters: