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Back to School Basics with Beauty

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August 19, 2020

Back to school is extra exciting after being stuck at home for so long. Spending some social time and getting back into the swing of things is the perfect time to amp up your beauty routine. School is a great opportunity to show off your style (and learn a little while you do it)! How can you flaunt your beauty look while rocking a mask in the classroom? We have some great hair and makeup school beauty tips below!

Bare it all:

Keeping it simple and fresh Three steps and you’re on your way to make those hallways yours!

Step 1: Wake up.
Step 2: Apply a little concealer and your favorite BB cream. You don’t want to wear a heavy foundation while wearing a mask for longer than an hour to avoid breakouts.
Step 3: Add mascara.

Voila! Quick, easy, beautiful and you’re on your way!

Au Natural (with a cat eye touch):

Au natural is without a doubt our second favorite style. It is easy, yet flawless because well…you’re beautiful. Essentially you are taking your Bare It All face, and adding a cat eye for a little pop. This is the best way to draw attention to your eyes without using heavy shadows. Lightweight makeup is always a win in the summer months!

Step 1: Start with a lightweight BB cream.
Step 2: Color in your brows with your favorite powder or liquid brow filler. Even when you aren’t wearing much makeup, brows should make a statement!
Step 3: Use a black or brown (or purple!) eyeliner and draw tight lines on both your upper and lower water lines. In order to create the cat eye, it is important to follow your lash line all the way to the edge!
Step 4: Mascara, of course! In our opinion, no matter how much or how little makeup you have on, mascara is a MUST!

Quick Smokey Eye:

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a smokey eye. This look is for those of you who need more to your makeup than natural. This is the cat eye with a pop! Smokey eye can be simple and will surely turn some heads in Algebra!

Step 1: Apply a dark eyeshadow to your entire eye lid and blend upward toward the crease.
Step 2: Add lighter shade under your brow and blend it down into the darker shade.
Step 3: Use a dark eyeliner on your bottom waterline (and give it a little smudge).
Step 4: Use the same dark liner on your top waterline (and give that a little smudge too).
Step 5: Mascara!

Now onto hair. It’s the end of August, and we are really feeling that humidity. Your hair starts out cute, but by the end of the day it’s a mess.

We are going to give you three heat free, no fuss hairstyles to help keep you looking and feeling cool for these hot summer school days. Not only are we positive you want to sleep in as late as possible, but you also want to show up to school (at least for the first week) looking your best.

Here are a few simple, quick tips to get you out the door looking your best in no time!

Skip the heat:

Step away from the flat iron! It’s hot enough, right? Why introduce more heat into your morning routine? We know you are tempted in the summer to pull out the flat irons in a desperate attempt to tame those fly aways-but the long term damage these tools can cause to summer dried hair can carry long lasting effects. There are plenty of options when it comes to cute, heat free styles!

Top Knot for the Win:

We love this style because it is easy and perfect for every occasion. A top knot may win the award for Most Versatile Hair Style. It can be worn out for a night on the town but also looks super cute paired with sweats and a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless!

Step 1: Pull your hair into a tight high ponytail. We like to use a bristle brush so that it keeps your hair slicked back and tight to your scalp.
Step 2: Secure your ponytail with a hair elastic.
Step 3: Wrap the length of your ponytail around the hair elastic in a circular motion (around and around and around), and secure that with another hair tie. We sometimes like to make this hair tie more decorative.
Step 4: Tug at your newly styled, perfect bun to give it texture. Or wear it sleek! Or even as a half up/half down! Whichever you prefer because remember- the possibilities are endless.

Throw some clothes on and run out the door to get to class!

Salty Ocean Waves:

Beach waves are one way to keep summer vibes alive even when you’re in class. Lucky for you, this style is attainable without even stepping foot in the ocean.

Step 1: Start by spraying your wet hair with a conditioning spray and brush it out.
Step 2: Flip your head over and use your favorite curling mousse followed by your favorite texturizing spray.
Step 3: Divide your hair into two sections and begin twisting pieces outward. (Make sure you twist these SUPER tight and pull it taught for a few seconds.)
Step 4: Do this for your entire head of hair.
Step 5: Go do your makeup, eat your breakfast, get dressed, and keep busy until your hair is dry.
Step 6: Use your fingers to shake it out and finish with a good spritz of that texturizing spray.

You’re ready to head out for a great day! Don’t forget to grab your mask!

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Now you’ve got plenty of back to school inspiration, you are going to look fabulous your first, second, third and every day. We’ve got your hair and your makeup covered and you will be out the door on time! Let us know what your favorite go to makeup and hair routines for those busy school mornings.



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