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Artist Introduction Vanessa | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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May 3, 2017

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Next up in our CT wedding hair and makeup artist introduction series is Vanessa!

Vanessa has loved makeup since she was a little girl. She can remember sitting at the kitchen table and watching in awe as her mother created the most glamorous looks. Vanessa would look on as her mother would create a flawless smoky eye with a few effortless flicks of her wrist. That was all it took for Vanessa to know what she wanted to do when she grew up.

As soon as she was old enough to do her own makeup, Vanessa began experimenting with different looks and colors. Very similar to Pamela and many of the KiSSandMakeUp artists, makeup became her creative outlet and favorite way of expressing herself. Next step was to get a job behind a makeup counter!

After high school, Vanessa went to CCSU to study journalism and communication. This is when she began working part time at Clinique and remained there all throughout her entire college career. After graduation, another job opportunity in the communication field pulled her away from cosmetics, but not for long. While working her new job in the communication field, Vanessa still freelanced with Clinique and did bridal work for previous customers because her heart found its home in the cosmetics industry. Vanessa yearned for makeup to be an even bigger part of her life and has had the pleasure and honor of representing Lancome, Smashbox, and Benefit Cosmetics.

Between her education and time spent behind the Clinique counter, Vanessa obtained invaluable skills like customer service, the importance of developing meaningful relationships and continually honing her knowledge of makeup application, skin care, and skin types. While her journey in the industry started at her kitchen table with her mother, she has continued to grow her expertise, enthusiasm, and passion for bridal makeup over the last 13 years. For her, it is more than just makeup it is a connection to new people and reconnection with old friends. She has even made some of her best friends along the way.

When Vanessa isn’t practicing her skills or updating the makeup in her kit- she enjoys science and anatomy! When she was in high school she won first place in the State of Connecticut Science Fair for her project on the immune system titled, “What is the Effect of the Spreading of Communicable Diseases on Organisms?” To this day, she still loves learning about the immune system and diseases. Her love of anatomy may have played a role in her new-found love for all natural skin care!

Vanessa and Pamela met almost ten years ago and Vanessa has been a part of the KiSSandMaKeUp team for over 3 years!

 CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Vanessa  CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Vanessa  CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Vanessa  CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Vanessa  CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Vanessa  CT Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Vanessa

Photos taken by: Sassy Mouth Photography |

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