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Artist Introduction Carly | CT Wedding Hair and Makeup

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June 21, 2017

Happy Wedding Wednesday but even more importantly Happy (official) Summer! Finally! We are so excited to have so many artists, that this CT wedding hair and makeup artist introduction series takes us through seasons. On the official start of summer, it is our pleasure to introduce Carly!

Carly has been doing hair since she can remember but initially thought her career path would be in graphic design. She liked to do hair but loved creating websites and logos. It took a little while for Carly to decide the path she would take.

After high school, Carly moved around a bit and didn’t have the opportunity to start college right away. She spent time in Virginia and Rhode Island and while she was moving from state to state, she was going back and forth in her mind about what she wanted her future to look like. Eventually, she made her way back home to Connecticut and decided that her future was in hair. Carly graduated from Brio Academy of Cosmetology and became a licensed hairdresser in 2012.

After graduation, Carly began working as a salon assistant right away. Her work as an assistant taught her all the things you don’t learn in school. She seized every opportunity she could to gain experience and get some real life, hands on experience. Before she knew it, she was managing a salon and had a book full of her own clients! Currently, Carly co-owns a salon with fellow KiSSandMaKeUp hairstylist and best friend Kellie!

In her free time, Carly maintains a balance between reality and virtual reality. She manages to be both one with nature and a gamer. On one hand, she is a self-proclaimed adventurer and is often spending her wedding-free weekends camping with her cousin. On the other hand, when she is relaxing after a long day at the salon, she enjoys playing video games. Right now, her favorite game is Ark – a game where she has to survive on an island full of dinosaurs! Carly also enjoys all genres of music and anything on TV that will make her laugh.

Just recently married, Carly understands the joy and frustration that goes along with planning a wedding. It is her top priority to give her brides and their bridesmaids a stress-free and fulfilling experience ensuring they feel both comfortable and beautiful with their look. Carly jokes that although she has no rhythm (and even less coordination) she loves to dance so she understands the importance of having a hairstyle that can stand up to any caliber dance moves. Carly joined the KiSSandMaKeUp team this wedding season and will be securing brides styles for seasons to come!

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